Another record litter collection

Address: Park Hill

More volunteers (23 including our Safer Neighbourhood Team) enabled us to beat the January 2020 record. We collected 34 bags of rubbish as well as 5 hubcaps, builders’ rubbish, a chair and a neatly broken up child’s wardrobe. After picking up this rubbish, Veolia collected a desk reportedly dumped at the end of Chichester Road. Park Hill looks much cleaner – we hope that lasts. Many thanks to all the volunteers.

Our litter pick was registered with the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. We had registered 20 litter picker folk for 90 minutes ahead of the event – we did slightly better on the day. Somehow KBT convert the time people contribute to an amount of miles. Cumulatively the KBT campaign has “cleaned”1.16 million miles.