Park Hill News – Distributors wanted

Address: PHRA

Are you new to Park Hill, maybe you’ve just moved into one of the new apartment buildings that have been going up all over the area?

We reckon there will probably be around 300 new apartments occupied in Park Hill during the coming months. If you are one of our new residents, you are very welcome to join our Association.

Please feel free to get in touch on if you would like to represent homes in your vicinity, perhaps by distributing Park Hill News three times a year, or raising any local issues that concern you or your neighbours. It is not always easy to gain access to blocks of flats to make copies of the newsletter available to residents.

Past copies of the Newsletter are in the Newsletter Archive on the website.

Park Hill Residents Association seeks to represent everyone in Park Hill, we are not affiliated to any particular political party, and we are supported by advertisers in our Newsletter, and a membership subscription of just £5 a year.