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Planned road works

SGN have a gas mains replacement scheme to carry out in Granville Close and its junction with Park Hill Road. To make use of the reduced traffic flows, during lockdown, this work will commence in Granville Close on Monday 9th November where traffic will be controlled with two way signals. Once they reach the junction with Park Hill Road on 20th November they will be controlling vehicles with multi way temporary signals, which will include a pedestrian phase as the zebra crossing will be suspende... Read more

PowerPoint Presentation

Tunstall Nursery School

The Corona virus has put a huge strain on parents of young children, especially if those parents are working and trying to balance looking after their children, looking after the home, shopping and going to work! As part of our local community, we are publicising the facilities available at Tunstall Nursery School, you can see details on the attached poster, or by phoning the Tunstall Nursery School office.... Read more


Part One of Walled Garden transformation complete

The first stage of the transformation of the Walled Garden in Park Hill Park is now complete. Four of the beds have new paths, more robust and wider than the previous ones and are being enjoyed by visitors on foot, in wheelchairs or with push chairs. The two herb gardens have an X shape which allows more access to the planting area. The Fairy Garden has a meandering path, on the lines of the old one. The Potager also has a meandering path, with a turning circle or passing place in the middle and... Read more


Road closures

Drivers living in Park Hill do not face too many road closures. Those that occur are usually to do with road or utility maintenance and go away. There are no Low Traffic Neighbourhoods here and the traffic round our schools has not yet led to School Streets. But a nearby School Street has caused problems for some residents. It is outside Harris Primary Academy Haling Park and means the closure of Haling Road past the school from 8am to 9.30am and 2 to 4pm during term times. It only affects the p... Read more


Finding the Chichele of Chichele Gardens

It's always interesting to find where the streets in Park Hill got their names. Inside Croydon published a lengthy article by David Morgan (Education Officer for Croydon Minster) on Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1414 till his death at the age of 80 in 1443. Chichele was a key figure before, during and after Henry V's victory at Agincourt. Even after the King's death Chichele continued to play an important role in the Church and government. He enjoyed staying at the Archbishop's P... Read more


Pillar Box Art

This summer Park Hill had perhaps the best dressed pillar box in the country. Someone knitted a cover - more like a beret than a bonnet - for a pillar box. It is in the rainbow colours of thanks to the NHS and indeed has Thank you close to its centre. Thank you too from PHRA to whoever knitted the hat and put it on the pillar box.... Read more


Air Ambulance lands in Park Hill Park

The Air Ambulance attracted its usual crowd of admirers and the curious when it landed in Park Hill Park on Tuesday 16 June. It was responding to a stabbing in Edridge Road. A young man in his 20s has been left fighting for his life in hospital. If you think the helicopter looks a bit different, that's because it belongs to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance, not the London Air Ambulance we are used to seeing. This photograph was taken by Zara (@zarascakes on Twitter)... Read more


Bee swarm in Stanhope Road

On Tuesday 19th May, a huge swarm of bees appeared in Stanhope Road, settling on a tree in our neighbour's garden (writes John Chambers). There were thousands, maybe millions of bees, protecting their queen bee, and they all gradually settled on the branch, making it bend under their weight, forming a dark mass of bees surrounding the queen. A local bee keeper was phoned, and agreed to try to catch the bees in his box, but this proved to be too difficult as the bees were on a high branch whic... Read more


Neighbourhood Meeting 2019

A good turnout of residents braved the rain to attend the PHRA Neighbourhood Meeting on May 10. After the chair John Ingman had updated the audience on events of the past year, treasurer David Stanton reported on the Association's healthy financial position and asked for suggestions of any small local projects that PHRA could help. After refreshments, MP Sarah Jones, councillor Vidhi Mohan and PCSO Oliver White joined the meeting. A lively discussion followed, mainly on the new bin system and We... Read more