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Circle Dancing at St Matthew's

Circle Dancing classes are available at St Matthew's on the first Wednesdays and the second and fourth Saturdays of most months. For an article on the classes from the Croydon Citizen click here.... Read more


Litter pick

Every year Park Hill residents meet to collect litter from the verges of Park Hill Road and the surrounding area. This year's spring clean will take place on Sunday 20 January. Meet by the sundial at St Matthew's Church at 12 noon. The clean-up will last an hour but you are welcome to come for less.... Read more


Christmas and New Year Rubbish Collections

Croydon Council have published details of changes to rubbish collection dates over the holiday season. Most of us will have two-day delays, followed by a final one-day delay.... Read more


Proposed changes to 433 bus route

Transport for London want to make changes to 11 bus routes, reducing the number of buses passing through the centre of Croydon. Most relevant to us is the 433 which they want to terminate at the Fairfield Halls instead of West Croydon. A lengthy consultation has begun, ending on January 13. Consulta... Read more


Contacting our local Safer Neighbourhood Team

The police team for Park Hill and Whitgift now have their own contact details. You can email them (see below for address) or contact their mobile number, 07341 680553. They suggest texting might be the quickest way to get a response. But remember that they will only respond when they are on duty so ... Read more


Bookings for tennis courts in Park Hill Park

The tennis courts in Park Hill Park are to receive some improvement works. They will remain free to use but from September 1 will have to be booked. Better, the company which manages the courts for Croydon Council, says this will allow players to reserve a court at their chosen time. To book, you ne... Read more


Toilets in Park Hill Park now working

The toilets in Park Hill Park, closed for some years, have had a modest makeover and have re-opened. The outside has had a coat of paint and looks quite smart. The inside is not quite so smart but at least is clean, the toilets flush and the tap in the basin works. It would be a good idea to take yo... Read more


Free exercise classes in Park Hill Park

A variety of free exercise classes are now available in Park Hill Recreation Ground. Classes have resumed in the New Year. Classes include yoga, bootcamp, buggy exercise and circuit training. There is also a "superhero workout" geared at children between three and seven years old. The classes have t... Read more


Looking ahead at the Neighbourhood Meeting

Park Hill residents gathered in mid-May for the Neighbourhood Meeting. Chairman John Ingman reviewed the past year's activities. He then set out three areas where residents were invited to focus (as a community), these being Litter, Potholes and Parks [reporting problems with the first two may be ea... Read more



There is a new Safer Neighbourhood Team for the new Park Hill and Whitgift Estate ward. This note introduces the team and sets out what they plan to do. The team includes officers from the Fairfield Safer Neighbourhood Team. The team is: PC Tom Rowlatt, PC Ricky Ketman and PCSO Oliver White. ... Read more


Successful litter collection

Park Hill residents collected a surprising amount of rubbish during the annual litter pick on 14 January. 21 bags of rubbish, a leaf blower, spare car parts and even a toilet seat were collected from around Park Hill Road. We hope this will encourage everyone to keep the streets clean.... Read more