Neighbourhood Police weekly bulletin 15 Jan 2019

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Dear Resident

Good Evening.

Community Engagements:

Wednesday 23/01/2019 1100-1200   – Street Briefing – Stanhope Road at the junction with Fairfield Path and The Avenue

Tuesday 29/01/2019 1100-1200         – Street Briefing – Selborne Road at the junction with Brownlow Road


Classification Location Date and time
Theft of number plates – Rear number plate stolen.

Outcome 18.

CRIS 3801151/19

Merlin Close 12/01/2019


Theft of number plates – Front & rear plates stolen.

Outcome 18. Related to CRIS 3801129/19 Theft of Petrol BP Shirley Road LV06EBO.

CRIS 3801163/19

Sandilands 12/01/2019



I hope you have a good week.


Oliver White PCSO 7248ZD

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