Neighbourhood Police weekly bulletin 21 Jan 2019

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Dear Resident

Good Afternoon.

This is a reminder about using 999, as you can see below, we had an Attempted Burglary last week. The victim called 999 first, but because of a recorded message on the line, before reaching an operator, hung up, and called 101 to report it.

If a burglary is happening, just happened, or you suspect it is happening then call 999 straight away. This will get a quicker response, and ensure that little or no forensic opportunity is lost. This will aid the investigation, and allow Police to compare fingerprints and/or DNA found at the scene with those already on the system. Thereby increasing the chance of a conviction.

This week’s Community Engagement this week – Street Briefing – Wednesday 23/01/2019 1100-1200 hours, Stanhope Road at the junction with The Avenue and the Fairfield Path.

Hope to see you when we are out and about.

Classification Location Date and Time
Theft From Motor Vehicle – High visibility ‘CANNON HYGIENE’ vest was stolen from a work van by smashing a small window. Stanhope Road 14/01/2018


Attempted Burglary – Suspect broke the side gate, went through, and then entered the house by kicking the bottom panel of the back door, causing severe damage. Suspect searched the house, when searching one of the bedrooms, found the victim in bed. After being challenged by the victim, the suspect threw a walking frame at him. The victim blocked it with his hands, and punched the suspect in the face. The suspect tried to punch the victim in the face, but missed and received 2 further punches to the face, then left empty handed. Sandilands 15/01/2019



We hope you have a good week.


Oliver White PCSO 7248ZD

Park Hill & Whitgift SNT

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