Neighbourhood Police weekly bulletin 28 January 2019

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Dear Resident

Good Afternoon.

Firstly, a warning about distraction burglaries. As you can see below there was a distraction burglary last week in Alpine Close. Please make sure that you and your property are both safe, by taking the following precautions:

  • If you do not recognise the person at your door, ask them for ID, especially if they are claiming to be from an organisation;
  • If they say they do not have any ID or refuse to give it, then end the conversation with them, and ask them to leave (genuine people, especially those from organisations, should have ID on them, and should not get annoyed by your request);
  • If they let you look at their ID, make sure you are happy that it is genuine, if you have any doubts, ask them to wait on the doorstep, whilst you contact the organisation to confirm their ID; &
  • Once you have done all of this, and you are happy for them to come in, shut the door behind them to make sure that no-one else comes in, and keep an eye on them, whilst they are in your home.

Secondly, an appeal about the suspect masturbating in Park Hill Park over the previous 3 weeks. If you have any information, please do not hesitate to contact us. The suspect is described as:

  • White male;
  • 52-58 years;
  • Medium build;
  • A white beard, approximately 3 inches in length;
  • Sun-tinted, rectangular framed sunglasses;
  • Black North Face jacket hood up with the strings pulled
  • Dark trousers; &
  • Black boots


This week’s Community Engagement this week – Street Briefing – Tuesday 29/01/2019 1100-1200 hours – Selborne Road junction with Brownlow Road.

This week we’re here:

Monday           1000-2000 hours

Tuesday           1000-2000 hours

Wednesday     0700-2000 hours

Thursday         0700-1600 hours

Friday              0700-1600 hours

Hope to see you when we are out and about.

Classification Location Date and time
Theft from vehicle – Catalytic converter stolen from a parked vehicle. St Bernards 17/01/2018


Burglary – Distraction burglary. Suspect knocked at door and said water was leaking next door and asked her to check under the kitchen cupboard. Whilst the victim was distracted, the suspect walked upstairs, and stole items, including jewellery. Alpine Close 24/01/2019


Exposure – On several occasions the victim has noticed the suspect masturbating in the park, when the victim is walking their dog. It started 3 weeks ago, when the suspect was sat on a bench close to the café. The suspect looked at the victim, placed his hand down his trousers and started to masturbate, whilst looking at her. This has occurred 5 times over a 3 week period.  The suspect is now starting to do it, whilst walking towards the victim. The last time was when the victim was with her Mother. The suspect has not as yet removed his genitalia from his trousers. Park Hill Park 07/01/2019-24/01/2019




We hope you have a good week.


Oliver White PCSO 7248ZD

Park Hill & Whitgift SNT

3rd Floor, Croydon Police Station, 71 Park Lane, Croydon CR9 1BP

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