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Over the last few months, we have had some high value vehicles stolen off driveways. These vehicles were the ‘keyless’ variety. The idea behind these vehicles is that as long as the owner has the key in their pocket or bag, the car will open and turn on at the touch of a button. Owners never have to remove the key from their pocket.

Criminals have found a way to steal these vehicles using electronic devices. Whilst standing on the owner’s doorstep they use a signal booster to pick up the signal from the key inside the house and send it to the car which will then open and turn on. The thieves can then drive away in the vehicle never to be seen again.

If you have one of these vehicles then please can I recommend you get a signal blocking pouch to store yours key in. Also known as a Faraday Bag. Please get one for each of your keys. If you keep your key inside this pouch or bag, this theft tactic does not work. These bags might not be fashionable or convenient but if it stops your car being stolen then it is well worth it.


We had an attempted theft on UPFIELD last week that followed the exact method above however the owner had a steering wheel lock on which the thieves could not remove. You don’t see these locks very often anymore but as a result, our victim still has his vehicle. We would definitely recommend one if you would like to add an extra layer of security to your cars.


Classification Location Date Time
Burglary – Items – £200 worth of Euros and Dollars, Cufflinks, Earrings, and a Brooch stolen from a bedside drawer. Unknown point of entry. St Bernards, Chichester Road Unknown Unknown
Possession of a Firearm to Endanger Life – 2 suspects seen by victims attempting to break into a van. When suspects saw victims, and saw them filming, they chased them in a car. Suspects caught up with victims, one suspect got what is believed to be a screwdriver out of the car, whilst the other suspect, was holding what is believed to be the barrel of a handgun, whilst leaving the handle exposed. Victims made off again, with suspects in pursuit. Suspects stopped chasing, when victims drove towards the Police Station. Dittoncroft Close 21/10/2018 2130-2135
Criminal Damage to a Motor Vehicle – Few days previously, 2 Irish men came and asked if the victim would like some gardening work done. Victim said they were looking for work to be done, gave the suspects her details, and asked them to contact her with a quote. A few days later, the 2 men returned, with 3 others, and tools on a flatbed style truck. Whilst unloading and powering up the tools, the victim came out, asked what they were doing, and stated they never accepted the work. One of the males said “Nah, I have the contract here, just sign it, and we will do the work.” Victim refused the work, and the suspects became angry, during the argument the victim was called an illegal immigrant. Not seen as racist or racial term by the victim. After they left a large dent was found on the left side of the car. All men Irish, believed to be Travellers. Only description of all, is young, athletic, and Irish. Addiscombe Road 22/10/2018 1010-1015
Attempted Theft From a Motor Vehicle – Vehicle broken into, but unsuccessful at stealing anything, as vehicle window boarded up from the inside. Suspect made off in a silver Land Rover. Fitzjames Avenue 22/10/2018 1034
GBH/Serious Wounding –PCSO came off his bicycle. He fell over the handle bars. His teeth went through his lip, his hand is broken, and he is concussed. Park Hill Road 23/10/2018 1310-1320
Attempted Theft of Motor Vehicle – Vehicle opened electronically. Upfield 25/10/2018 0230-0257