Ward Panel Meeting

Phone Number: 208000000
Email Address: fmn@blueyonder.co.uk

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Panel of Local Residents of the Park Hill Ward and Neighbourhood Police

At Bernard Weatherill House at 19.30hrs on Monday 29th October 2018

1.0 Attendees
1.1 PC Ricky Ketman, PC Tom Rowlatt, Bill Smart from Park Hill Residents Association, Claire Gardner from Whitgift Residents Association, Graham Lyon from Saville Gardens, Stephen & Anne Collingwood from Hillmere Management for Hunters Way and Caroline Close.
1.2 Apologises for absence from Vidhi Mohan, Ward Councillor, & PCSO Ollie White.
2.0 Creation of Panel
2.1 The panel will be chaired by Graham Lyon. Minutes will be taken for this first meeting by Stephen Collingwood.
3.0 Report from Police concerning Recent Issues
3.1.1 About four burglaries in March 2018 have been reported in Grimwade Avenue, Upfield and Mapledale Avenue probably by a professional group. Their modus operando (MO) is to wait for dusk to view those properties where no lights are turned on. Having chosen the target property they enter the rear from Lloyd Park or the golf course, via ground floor or first floor windows without causing damage and take small high value items like wristwatches. If an alarm is activated, they leave before any response can be made. No trace has been found from figure-prints so perpetrators are likely not to be local and could even be international.


CCTV evidence at the properties watch the front but not the rear elevations but one good shot has been made of a tidy bearded white young man. This image is being circulated around other police forces before being published.
3.1.3 A local builder operating at a number of properties has been very helpful and they have some CCTV coverage of the roads. Nothing has been found yet.
3.1.4 Advice to householders is to ensure light sensitive switches turn on interior lights at dusk.
3.1.5 Bill Smart asked whether items were protected by “Smartwater”.
3.1.6 One victim has offered £1,000 as a reward for information towards an arrest.
3.2.1 Vehicle thefts
3.2.1 Thieves have devices that can read the code from a car’s remote switch/key and then use the code to gain access and take the motor car.
3.2.2 A recent theft failed because the car owner has fitted an old fashioned steering lock.
3.3 Mugging of an Asian Neighbour in Brownlow Road
3.3.1 This matter is being investigated by CID, but our local police (PCSO Ollie White) will try to ensure the victims are updated on progress.
4.0 Action by the Community
4.1 Vidhi Mohan requested guidance on what the community can do to prevent crime and assist the police. He has a council fund for assisting community to reduce crime in the ward.
4.2 Panel discussed setting up a Twitter group to update residents.
4.3 Claire suggested circulating information on perpetrators to local residential landlords.
4.4 TV series called Crimewatch is now a daytime quarterly programme and has little local benefit.
4.5 Residents with CCTV should raise cameras to include the road to view passing vehicles etc.
4.6 Residents may consider purchasing a CCTV doorbell system from RING (www.en-uk.ring.com ). It costs from £90 for a door bell linked to a smart-phone to £800 for a multi-sensory system around a property that operates security lights and alarms etc. Watch out for deals on Black Friday around 30th November. Vidhi Mohan’s fund could help.
5.0 Administrative News on Local Police
5.1 Burglary is considered to be a low level crime so is closed on the initial telephone screening call from the victim. Success rates in solving this crime has fallen from 12 to 6%. Success is now only achieved by the criminals being caught red-handed or from forensic evidence.
5.2 PCs Tom & Ricky, PCSO Ollie undertake to investigate local crimes properly.
5.2 Following amalgamation of Croydon, Sutton and Bromley police forces, Tom, Ricky and Ollie are being evicted from the Croydon Police station from February 2019 and have arranged to be set up in a well-appointed Portacabin at Trinity school.
5.3 Halloween and bonfire night rotas and duties have been decided. Tom and Ricky will be on duty in plain clothes until 2300hrs during the period.
5.4 No problems expected from travellers as LB Croydon have a borough-wide injunction. Usually they negotiate an orderly vacation of an occupied site without trouble.
5.5 Tom and Ricky will be door-knocking to canvass for email addresses from residents to re-establish links to the community lost as a result of GDPR that forced erasure of this information.
6.0 Future of Panel and Community meetings etc.
6.1 Rebuild email database of residents.
6.2 Set up a new Twitter account.
6.3 Next meeting provisionally set for a date in January 2019 at a bowling club. Ward councillor Vidhi Mohan will attend!