Bee swarm in Stanhope Road


On Tuesday 19th May, a huge swarm of bees appeared in Stanhope Road, settling on a tree in our neighbour’s garden (writes John Chambers). There were thousands, maybe millions of bees, protecting their queen bee, and they all gradually settled on the branch, making it bend under their weight, forming a dark mass of bees surrounding the queen.

A local bee keeper was phoned, and agreed to try to catch the bees in his box, but this proved to be too difficult as the bees were on a high branch which was difficult to reach in order to shake them down. So as darkness fell the bees settled for the night in their new temporary home.

Next morning at about 8.15am, the bees decided to move on, and with a sudden vortex of buzzing excitement, they flew off above Stanhope Road gardens toward the Water Tower. We don’t know where they have moved to, but if anyone has more information on this, please let us know!