Cycle Hanger for Park Hill?


Cycle hangers are installed by the Council when there is enough demand. They allow people to keep their bicycles safely stored when not in use – useful if you live in a flat or somewhere where you maybe have to keep yours in the kitchen. Anything new on the roads or pavements might not be popular. We reproduce below Croydon Council’s reasoning behind this application. Comments are required by July 14.

“For these secure on-street cycle hangars we only take forward locations once we have had more than one request in a road, and a traffic, parking and road safety assessment by our Parking Design team.

The people requesting hangars are often as passionate as the objectors except with stories of stolen bicycles due to lack of decent storage, or great desire to be able to get to work quickly and cheaply. The hangars enable more people to choose to cycle and do often lead to a reduction in car parking pressures and many other benefits. The requests come from people in every type of work role, older people and young families. Some of the requesters been waiting up to a year for the hangar.

The resident letters are posted to houses neighbouring the suggested location, to let them know that there is a proposal. Where the replies give a good reason for not proceeding or choosing an alternative, we will do that. Often we receive more requests to use the hangar and with agreement these are passed to Cyclehoop, the operator of the hangars. We have asked residents to provide comments or support by 14 July and will respond fully once we know the full picture.”

The proposed location is outside Runnymede Court on Park Hill Rise and is marked in this map.