Fairfield Halls reopens



The Fairfield Halls complex is now open. Some final touches are being made and some areas will not open for a few more weeks. Although parts, like the Phoenix Concert Hall, look familiar, unseen changes to the electrics, air conditioning etc will make a difference. One of the most impressive things is how much more has been made of the building. There are several new spaces for performance and other uses. New companies will use the building and it will serve community and educational needs. The first programme is available near the box office; an updated one is on its way. There will be regular free lunchtime concerts and talks. The café and bar are open. For more information, visit the Halls, go to or read the articles in the latest Park Hill News.

The first lunchtime concert was well attended. Management promise that more chairs will be available earlier in future. The concerts are in the foyer, convenient  for the cafe (or servery) for a coffee or a light lunch. A pleasant way to spend your lunch hour.

The car park will not open until 2020.