There is a new Safer Neighbourhood Team for the new Park Hill and Whitgift Estate ward. This note introduces the team and sets out what they plan to do.

The team includes officers from the Fairfield Safer Neighbourhood Team. The team is:
PC Tom Rowlatt, PC Ricky Ketman and PCSO Oliver White.

They will work to Sgt Tom Haji Savva who is responsible for four Safer Neighbourhood Teams in all. One of his duties will be to ensure the team gets support when needed.

What the team will do
As before, the Safer Neighbourhood Team will focus on community policing. However, whilst the old Fairfield Team spent much of its time dealing with problems in the centre of Croydon, the new team will have Park Hill and the Whitgift Estate as their sole responsibility. They are there to provide pro-active policing in a way which the rapid response teams can’t.

They want: –
• to hear from local residents about what is happening – not the urgent matters which require a 999 call but matters which would repay investigation by the police;
• to follow up serious crimes such as burglary dealt with by the rapid response team and make sure that all leads are being followed up;
• to ensure that victims of crime get the support they need; and
• to spend more time on the beat when possible. This will be much appreciated by local residents.
The team plan to issue a weekly newsletter as at present. However, it may take a little time to arrange this because the current circulation list covers the whole of the Fairfield Ward and will have to be edited to cover the new ward.

How to contact the new team
You can contact the new team by leaving a message on 020 8649 0189. They hope to have designated phone and e-mail addresses shortly and we will publicise these. The working hours will vary but normally there should be some cover each working day or you can leave a message. From time to time officers may need to be diverted to meet pressing needs elsewhere in the Metropolitan Police but every effort will be made to provide cover.

Finding out more
Park Hill residents will be able to hear more about the new arrangements at their Community Meeting at St Matthew’s Church on Thursday 17 May.

A Ward Panel
The team hope to set up a panel of local residents to help in planning and prioritising their work. If you’d be interested in joining it, please contact the team.

Park Hill and Whitgift Estate Residents Associations welcome this new approach to policing our area and look forward to working with the officers on the team.