Road closures


Drivers living in Park Hill do not face too many road closures. Those that occur are usually to do with road or utility maintenance and go away. There are no Low Traffic Neighbourhoods here and the traffic round our schools has not yet led to School Streets. But a nearby School Street has caused problems for some residents. It is outside Harris Primary Academy Haling Park and means the closure of Haling Road past the school from 8am to 9.30am and 2 to 4pm during term times. It only affects the part past the school; the road up from Brighton Road opposite the Whitgift School and behind the Esso garage and Helder Street, the one way road down from Selsdon Road, are not affected. Going along the School Street by mistake could be expensive, with fines of up to £130.

Non drivers can face closures too; if you are reading this before November 2 you will find than the tram network is closed through the centre of Croydon.