Transform The Walled Garden crowdfund update


The Friends of Park Hill Park’s project to transform the historic walled garden took a major step forward when the funding target was exceeded. The biggest donor to the crowdfunding was the GLA’s Crowdfund London project. Representatives of the Friends have been to City Hall to meet the Regeneration officer who will help guide the team through the project. There are forms to fill, web pages to read and other admin before the hard work can start. A survey will be undertaken before quotes can be secured for the new, durable, disabled access to some of the paths. There will also be a small performance space for things like poetry, dance, music workshops etc. When the hard landscaping is complete, the funding will allow the Friends to buy some specimen plants. Park Hill Residents Association pledged a gift of £300 towards the target. Hopefully many Park Hill residents will enjoy the changes to the walled garden. Many will also be glad to know that the Friends are in regular contact with Croydon Council on work that needs to be done in the Park, including the toilets.