Update on plans for the Walled Garden in Park Hill Park

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Now that many restrictions and regulations imposed during the pandemic are being eased, The Friends of Park Hill Park  thought it timely to give supporters, park users and stakeholders an update on the ‘Transform the Walled Garden’ project, financed by a Spacehive crowdfund appeal.

Despite Covid-19 delaying the project, work has continued to progress with volunteers following a thorough procurement process in order to satisfy the requirements of the council and GLA, to select eco-friendly materials, an experienced contractor, confirm the site requirements, obtain final costs and do the formal landscape designs.

As you can see from the new photo impression, while the fundamental plans for the Walled Garden, as outlined on the artist’s impression and in the Spacehive details, have not been greatly modified, practicalities such as the slope (topography) and drainage of the site and the disabled path width requirements of the Sensory Trust and council, have led to some small changes. The resulting design will deliver all the improvements to the Walled Garden as outlined in the crowdfunding campaign.

For more details and updates see the Friends website, or follow on Facebook or Twitter .