The Local Government Boundary Commission has published their proposals for new ward boundaries for Croydon. These are designed to make the wards in the Borough more equal in size and affect all parts of Croydon including Park Hill. Park Hill is at present part of Fairfield Ward which includes the town centre and the Whitgift Estate.

Under the new proposals, most of us would be part of a new Addiscombe West and Park Hill Ward. This would extend north into Addiscombe beyond the Lower Addiscombe Road. (The west side of Radcliffe Road and the associated roads would move to a new Adddiscombe East ward which would include the Whitgift Estate.) The impact of this change is not easy to measure but we would be part of a different sort of ward with some deprivation. We might find it harder to get help from Councillors than we do at present.

One of the reasons for the change is the planned redevelopment of the town centre which will make the present Fairfield ward far too large. So we cannot escape changes. The new proposals are moreover a complicated jig-saw affecting the whole of Croydon which are difficult to amend.

But the Commission is asking for comments.

You can see what is proposed by going on the website of the Local Government Boundary Commission and looking for their review of Croydon. If you look in the section marked ‘Have Your Say’ and enter your post code you can see what the changes mean for you and make your comments – which have to be received by 8 May.