Neighbourhood police bulletin and other police/crime news

Update from Safer Neighbourhood Team

Park Hill and Whitgift  Safer Neighbourhood Team Dear Residents, From myself and the team we hope you and your families are well and that you’ve been enjoying this lovely weather. Here is the monthly update for crimes that have occurred during June 2021. I’d like to stress the importance... Read more

Croydon Eye Summer 2021

The latest Croydon Eye from Neighbourhood Watch is available here.... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch June update

Attached is the Neighbourhood Watch June Update. It includes some useful information on avoiding scams, including how to stop your WhatsApp account from being infiltrated. There is also info on vaccinations and on the temporary relocation of the public counter from Croydon Police Station to the Cust... Read more

News from our new Safer Neighbourhood Team

Park Hill and Whitgift Safer Neighbourhood Team   Monthly Crimes   What happened Where Date     ROBBERY   SELBORNE ROAD, CROYDON.     10/05/2021   THEFT OF MOTOR VEHICLE   CHICHESTER ROAD, CROYDON.     ... Read more

New Inspector for Croydon SNT South

In another reorganisation, Inspector Steve Warnes, who has previously published newsletters for the whole borough, will now manage the Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Central and North Wards. As one of the 16 South Croydon Wards, we will now be managed by Inspector Cathy Thomas. She introduces herself ... Read more

Bogus Community Nurses

Courtesy of Neighbourhood Watch and Trading Standards, a warning of a new and nasty scam. CROYDON TRADING STANDARDS COMMUNITY ALERT Bogus Community Nurses We have been made aware of two incidents in the Croydon area where service users have been targeted by a man and wom... Read more

May Newsletter from our new Ward Sergeant

Attached is the first newsletter from Sergeant Nathan Saville, the new police Sergeant for Addiscombe East, Park Hill & Whitgift, Shirley North and Shirley South. It includes updates from major borough-wide campaigns and updates on each of the four wards. Click here to read the full report.... Read more

Update on Catalytic Converter Thefts

Message from Inspector Stephen Warnes about recent action against catalytic converter theft. Received 30 March. Catalytic Converter theft is frequently raised through MPs, ward panels and more recently the IAG and SNB meetings. Some of you may have seen this on the news already but as the ope... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch March Update

The latest update from Neighbourhood Watch includes details and warnings of various scams, and an update on Operation Cleveland, the successful police operation in West Croydon. To read the full document click here.... Read more

Operation Cleveland final update

Croydon Police have issued on Nextdoor the following final report on Operation Cleveland Operation Cleveland the Final results. Operation Cleveland has been a dedicated venture in pursuit of tackling drug related and violent crime in West Croydon. For two weeks (8th - 21st of February) officer... Read more

Operation Cleveland Update

Croydon police have published another update on Operation Cleveland, targeted at reducing violent and drug crime in West Croydon.... Read more

Operation Cleveland Week One Update

Operation Cleveland is targeted on hitting Drug Related Offences and the Violence it so often causes on our streets in West Croydon. Croydon Police have published an update on the first week of the operation. Below are the results we have from our dedicated team of officers. Lead By Superintenden... Read more

Neighbourhood police bulletin 4 February 2021

Dear resident, Park Hill and Whitgift Safer Neighbourhood Team Monthly Crimes What happened Where Date Burglary - Garage Alpine Close 01/01/2021 Burglary - Garage Cotelands 13/01/2021 Criminal Damage – Padlock from garage broken - Attempt Bardsley Close &nb... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch January Update

The January update from Croydon Neighbourhood Watch contains news from Croydon's police teams and a lot of information on enduring and new scams. This includes news of a new Covid fraud team to tackle the many scams surrounding Covid and vaccinations. To read the full update, click here.... Read more

Warning from police

Our local PCSO, Oliver White, circulated this message on December 9: I received information from a resident on Addiscombe Road regarding 2 males who knocked on their door, one claiming to be on parole and the other their parole officer. The parolee was asking for money to start his scaffolding bu... Read more