Neighbourhood police bulletin and other police/crime news

Neighbourhood police bulletin 15 July 2020

Attached is the latest update from the Park Hill and Whitgift Safer Neighbourhood Team... Read more

Round up from Croydon's Safer Neighbourhood Teams

A message from Inspector Stephen Warnes A few stories from your Safer Neighbourhood Teams over the last few weeks. Safe crackers – Addiscombe West Last week the Addiscombe West PCSO had her ear to the ground regarding a potential stolen safe. PS Barnard had no officers available as theyâ... Read more

Information Network Bulletin Edition 1 2020/21

Croydon Council's Trading Standards team have been running a series of emails on scams. These are included in the attached Information Standards Bulletin. It also includes useful information on how to reduce the amount of mail you receive from charities and advice on buying a car.... Read more

Neighbourhood Police bulletin 29/6/2020

The latest bulletin from our local police is a little different this time. It is a message of thanks and farewell to PC Tom Rowlatt, who is leaving the team. Many of us met Tom as he worked in the area. PHRA would also like to thank Tom and wish him all the best in his new job.... Read more

Message from Inspector Steve Warnes

Dear residents We are currently enduring a challenging period and many of your local Croydon officers have been drafted into central London to deal with the BLM protests. There are further protests and demonstrations planned across the capital this weekend, with two locally in Croydon. ‘Peacefu... Read more

Neighbourhood Police Bulletin 4 June 2020

Attached is the latest bulletin from our Neighborhood Police team. We have also received a newsletter from the sergeant in charge of all the South Croydon wards. To read it click here... Read more

South Croydon police newsletter

Attached is the latest newsletter from Sergeant Jamie Maskell covering the South Croydon wards.... Read more

Neighbourhood police bulletin 6 May 2020

Attached is the latest information bulletin from our neighbourhood police team. For a message from the Sergeant in charge of our ward and some neighbouring wards, click here.... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch April update

Croydon Neighbourhood Watch has published its April update. As well as reporting on neighbourhood police activity borough-wide, it warns of scams and tells how to report suspected breaches of coronavirus guidelines.... Read more

Guidelines on reasons to leave the house during lock-down

There has been much confusion, and many scare stories, about why you should leave the house during the lock down. The police have issued guidelines but stress that police are required to use their discretion and judgement.  Click to see the full report on What constitutes a reasonable excuse to lea... Read more

Neighbourhood police bulletin 14 April 2020

We show below the latest (lengthy) information from our local police tem.... Read more

Scammers and Fraudsters Information

A message from our local police Dear Resident, Good Afternoon. I hope that you are all well, and abiding by the Government's directive to only go out for shopping,  medical, and light exercise (walking/running/cycling, NOT to play sports or socialisation), and only with those in your househol... Read more

Neighbourhood Police Bulletin 26 March 2020

Attached is the latest bulletin from our Neighbourhood Police Team... Read more

Neighbourhood Police bulletin 12 March 2020

Attached is the latest bulletin from our Safer Neighbourhood Team.... Read more

Catalytic Converter Theft

Message from Inspector Stephen Warnes Dear Residents, I have seen several posts relating to catalytic converter thefts and clearly this is becoming a concern for residents. I am leading on the issue so I will share what I know and what we’re doing. Why are they stolen? Catalytic conver... Read more