Neighbourhood Police January Bulletin

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Dear Resident

Happy New Year, I hope that you were able to celebrate or mark it in some way. I hope that you had a restful festive period.

There have been a few changes in terms of management at Croydon:

  • Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer has retired
  • Superintendent Andy Brittain is the Interim Chief Superintendent
  • Chief Inspector Imran Asghar is Acting Superintendent
  • Inspector Cathy Thomas is Acting Chief Inspector
  • Sgt Andy Smith is Acting Inspector (Andy used to be a PC for this ward in 2016)

Good News

Congratulations to Acting Chief Inspector Cathy Thomas, who has passed all the stages required, and has become a Chief Inspector, she will in the next few months will be appointed permanently to this rank, somewhere within the Met.

Another good news item, as a result of some quick action by a resident, who was a victim of burglary, dialling 999, a Police vehicle arrived at the address within 4 minutes, with supporting Police vehicles in the area of Lloyd Park, 2 suspects were arrested, later charged, and have been imprisoned.

The next joint Police and Councillor Surgery, will be on Friday 13/01/2022, 1500-1600 hours at Lloyd Park Café.

As you can see from the crimes below, there has been a noticeable decline in the volume of crime from November and October. Unfortunately burglary is still the main feature, please remain vigilant and remember when you go out, and when you go to bed, to lock all doors and windows, and if you have burglar alarms set them to the appropriate settings. Please either put your lights on a timer, or leave some lights on at the front and rea. The longer nights, are gradually becoming shorter, please continue to be careful, and try to make your property as unattractive to burglars as possible.

Please report ANY crimes through one of the 4 ways below:

  • 999
  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime);
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please DO NOT use the ward phone to report crime, as the team is not in everyday, it should only be used to make appointments with the team for reassurance and community visits.

Classification Location Date Time
Burglary – The point of entry and exit is believed to have been via a small kitchen window that had been smashed. The property was left locked and secured. An untidy search of all rooms had been conducted by the suspects. There were signs that jewellery had been targeted but unknown exactly what had been taken at the time of reporting. Radcliffe Road 09/12/2022-10/12/2022 1900-0800
Burglary – The victims were at home when one of them heard unusual noises upstairs. One of the victims shouted up the stairs, once upstairs, they discovered the master bedroom balcony door had been smashed. Jewellery was stolen and police were called immediately, responding at lightning speed, resulting in both suspects being arrested in the Lloyd Park area, and the stolen property recovered.


Both suspects were charged with burglary, and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

Grimwade Avenue 10/12/2022 1842-1842
Theft – The victim reported the theft of a parcel from outside the communal door. Chichester Road 13/12/2022 1800-2200
Burglary – It is believed that the point of entry and exit were the rear downstairs windows, with a tool thought to have been used. The suspects conducted an untidy search taking jewellery and money. Woodbury Close 21/12/2022-30/12/2022 0001-1404


Many thanks.


PCSO Ollie White, PC Charles Gryson, & PC Sam Pike.