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I hope you enjoyed the recent edition of the Croydon Eye. Thank you once again to those who helped envelope and distribute copies to co-ordinators across the borough. Please see an update from the NHW office below.

Unfortunately, there have been some worrying instances of violent crime in the borough recently. Namely, the fatal stabbings in Thornton Heath and Purley. Suspects have been charged in relation to both cases.  The police have held emergency community meetings in Thornton Heath to speak to residents about their concerns. Unfortunately such meetings are often publicised with very short notice and whilst we try and alert you as soon as we know, we would recommend following your local SNT on Twitter if you can, as often police events are only publicised on there.

An increase in attempted distraction burglaries

The police and residents have made us aware of an increase in recent attempts of distraction burglary in the south of the borough. This is when someone tries to trick/distract a resident so that they can commit a burglary, normally with the help of an accomplice. Recent reports of attempted distraction burglaries have been of men purporting to be from the water board, claiming that they need to turn a tap/pipe off as there has been a leak. In most cases of distraction burglary, ID is not shown by the burglar. The advice is ALWAYS to ask for ID and it is always a good idea to call the company from where they are claiming to be from to verify they are there legitimately.

Croydon police have stepped up recent action and operations around tackling burglary. More information on this will be available at our Crime Prevention Day on the 5 October.

Assisting the Police

We have also been asked by the police to pass on the message that if you ever witness suspicious activity/crime to make sure you try and note down as much detail as is safely possible, for example the direction people travel in after they have committed a crime/acted suspiciously, their clothing, number plates etc. They have asked that residents do not put themselves at risk when trying to obtain such information and to only get it if at all possible. They are very grateful for any CCTV or Dash Cam footage.

Solar Panel Health Check Scam

Trading Standards and some residents have notified us of a recent scam in relation to companies offering free solar health checks.  Residents received flyers through their doors from a company offering free solar panel health checks and servicing. The advice is to ignore the letter completely. If you have solar panels and are concerned, the advice is to contact your original installer or an MCS accredited installer that is also a member of RECC or HIES. You should also report the incident to the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 0345 04 05 06.

Croydon’s Hate Crime Pledge

The Safer Croydon Partnership has launched a hate crime pledge called “Say No to Hate” .  The “Say No to Hate” pledge has been created so individuals and organisations can reinforce Croydon’s commitment to reduce and tackle hate crime in the borough by taking a zero tolerance approach to hate in Croydon. Anyone can sign the pledge, whether you are part of an organisation

(including businesses, community groups, voluntary sector, private sector or statutory) or an individual that lives, works or visits our borough.

You can read and sign the pledge through the following link:

Have your say on upgraded CCTV system

Croydon Council is proposing to invest in improving community safety across the borough by improving the CCTV system.  The network, comprising of more than 100 cameras across strategic areas in the borough, is designed to deter crime and antisocial behaviour, reduce fear of crime, improve safety and help emergency services.  The council is consulting on how people view the current network and what they think of the council’s priorities for the upgraded system.

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