Changes in the Park

Many of you will have seen children enjoying the new playground, which opened at the start of the year and had its formal opening in late January.

But that’s not the only change in the park. As discussed on page 22 of the Winter Park Hill newsletter, the tennis courts have been refurbished, with new nets and new lines, financed by the Lawn Tennis Association. Two have access control in place; the third last seen was locked by a padlock. To book the courts follow the link in the notice below and search for Park Hill Rec Ground. That brings up a chart of free times and pricing details (£5 an hour). no mention of the free or reduced price sessions. Perhaps that will come with the formal opening in the spring. Meanwhile it has been good to see tennis players using the courts on a sunny weekend. Hopefully there will be coaching sessions.

The disabled toilets should be finished soon.

We wish that future contractors learn how to drive on the paths instead of leaving the grass churned up and muddy  alongside the paths,