More Roadworks

Just as we breathed a sigh of relief that the roadworks at the Coombe Road/Park Hill Road roundabout were at last finished, cones appeared at another route out of Park Hill, outside the entrance to the park on Barclay Road. This is where major roadworks took place a couple of years ago. A sign has now appeared indicating something structural. No mention yet of any works as such but it looks as though the lane closure will be there for a while. this has been confirmed by Croydon Council in the following message:

You’ll be aware that a lane closure has been in place on Barclay Road Bridge for 24 days now. This decision was made following an inspection, which identified a serious defect on parts of the bridge.

Additional support is recommended but site investigations, design and approvals are required first (by both TFL and Network Rail). Current thinking is that the work on the bridge will not take place until the Christmas break at the end of 2022. Between now and December more inspections, investigations and preparation work are programmed to take place. Depending on the findings of the investigations and preparatory work, timescale for the final work could change.

Lane closures now operate in both directions.