Neighbourhood police bulletin and other police/crime news

Neighbourhood Police Bulletin 9 May 2022

Update from PCSOO Ollie White with a distressing number of crimes in the past month. Good Afternoon, I hope you all had a good Easter  Congratulations to Councillor Jade Appleton for being re-elected as Park Hill & Whitgift Ward Councillor The details for the next joint Police and Cou... Read more

neighbourhood police bulletin 19 April 2022

From PCSO Ollie Whilte Good Afternoon Apologies first of all, as I was not in work from Tuesday 22/03/2022 until Tuesday 12/04/2022 for personal reasons. The Ward Panel meeting on 21/03/2022, held at Archbishop Tenison’s, Selborne Road, was well attended. The details for the next Polic... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch April Newsletter

Attached is the April newsletter from Croydon Neighbourhood Watch. It includes more on scams, a short history of Neighbourhood Watch and personnel changes in the Croydon Watch leading to a plea for someone to volunteer to be the new Hon. Treasurer. To read the full update, click here... Read more

Croydon Eye Winter 2022

The latest edition of Croydon Eye from Neighbourhood Wstch Croydon is attached. It includes an update on Neighbourhood POlicing in Croydon and a quite scary table showing how many frauds, cyber crimes and scams took place in Croydon in 12 months and how much money was lost. To read the full version ... Read more

Neighbourhood Police Update 28 February

Can I remind anyone interested in meeting and speaking with Councillor Jade Appleton and me that our first 2 joint surgeries, will occur on the following dates: Friday 04/03/2022 – Lloyd Park Café  1500-1600 hours; & Friday 18/03/2022 – The Choir Vestry, St Matthew’s Church 1400-15... Read more

Neighbourhood police update

PCSO Oliver White has returned to Park Hill and Whitgift SNT. We welcome Ollieback and repeat below his email in full, not least because the technology doesn't want to do anything else Dear Resident Good Evening. Firstly, I am now back as your PCSO, PCSO David Thompson has done an amazing j... Read more

Trading Standards Information Bulletin

Attached is the latest information bulletin from Croydon Trading Standards. it contains some interesting articles, not just on the usual scams. Click here to read the full bulletin.... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch December Update

Attached is the December newsletter from Croydon Neighbourhood Watch. It includes a report on the AGM and an article on policing in the town centre, where the team has recently been expanded. Click here to read the newslette.... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch November update

Please click to read the Neighbourhood Watch November update... Read more

Trading Standards Information bulletin

Attached is the latest Information Bulletin from Croydon Trading Standards, featuring many of the most widespread scams around today... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch October update

Attached is the Neighbourhood Watch update forOctober 2021.... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch July Update

The latest monthly update from Neighbourhood Watch contains information and advice on scams, along with an update from Inspector Thomas of South Croydon SNT.... Read more

Update from Safer Neighbourhood Team

Park Hill and Whitgift  Safer Neighbourhood Team Dear Residents, From myself and the team we hope you and your families are well and that you’ve been enjoying this lovely weather. Here is the monthly update for crimes that have occurred during June 2021. I’d like to stress the importance... Read more

Croydon Eye Summer 2021

The latest Croydon Eye from Neighbourhood Watch is available here.... Read more

Neighbourhood Watch June update

Attached is the Neighbourhood Watch June Update. It includes some useful information on avoiding scams, including how to stop your WhatsApp account from being infiltrated. There is also info on vaccinations and on the temporary relocation of the public counter from Croydon Police Station to the Cust... Read more