Catalytic converter theft – a letter from the Met

Phone Number: 0208 649 0195
Email Address:
A message from the Metropolitan Police ZD – Croydon Borough
ZT – Sutton Borough
PY – Bromley Borough



Croydon Police Station
71 Park Lane

0208 649 0195

September 2020


This is to make you aware that your vehicle may be at risk or you may already have been a victim of a catalytic converter theft. Catalytic converters are attached to the exhaust pipes of cars to remove harmful and pollutant gases. They are stolen for precious metals, some of which are more valuable than gold.

The vehicles targeted are Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris, Honda Jazz and Lexus RX makes and models. If you own one of these vehicles you are at risk. Costs of replacing catalytic converters can amount to £1,500.

There are various prevention methods which are effective:

  • Install a metal plate or ‘Catloc’ over your catalytic converter to lock it in place
  • Park in garages and well-lit areas covered by CCTV
  • Invest in security and personal CCTV
  • If you are a victim then call 101 or report online

What to look out for:

  • Individuals carrying metal cutters and car jacks
  • Anyone carrying metal from an exhaust pipe
  • People ducking underneath cars
  • If you see suspicious behaviour call 999 immediately

If you have any queries please call or email the details above. Operation Basswood has been initiated to target the rising theft of catalytic converters. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.