February to April Crime Figures

Phone Number: 0208000000
Email Address: info@phra.org.uk


Classification Location Date Time
Burglary – The point of entry is believed to have been via the bathroom window, and the exit is believed to have been the bedroom balcony window. The bathroom window was smashed, and there was a chair blocking the front flat door. The suspect(s) searched the property, and stole some cash. Park Hill Road 08/02/2024 0630-2000
Burglary – The point of entry was the bottom glass panel in the back door that had been smashed. The suspect(s) searched the property, and have taken some cash, spare car key, and house keys. Chichele Gardens 06/02/2024-10/02/2024 0645-2250
Burglary – The suspect(s) entered via the rear, smashing the glass of the patio doors, nothing appears to have been taken. Stanhope Road 09/02/2024-11/02/2024 1830-1535
Burglary – Point of entry and exit, was the first floor bathroom window. Victims were both asleep, the suspect(s) entered the bedroom. Woodbury Close 13/02/2024 2200-2300
Theft – The victim was expecting a delivery, but when they returned the delivery had been made, but the package was not there. Bishop’s Court, Radcliffe Road 15/02/2024 1000-1800
Aggravated Burglary – Prescription pet medication was delivered and left in the bin cupboard, but was not there, when the victim went to collect it, so it was either stolen or thrown away. Chepstow Road 23/02/2024 1345-2145
Burglary – The point of entry/exit was via the master bedroom window, which had been smashed. The window was accessed by the suspect(s), by climbing over the fence, and onto the roof, to access the window. The victims had gone out for the evening, when they returned, they found that the lights were on upstairs, and that the master bedroom had been searched, with a number of items missing, including jewellery, watches, and handbags. The suspect(s) did not go downstairs. Fitzjames Avenue 23/02/2024 1825-2110
Burglary – The suspect(s) point of entry, was via a rear window. The suspect(s) smashed a panel of the single pane window, reached in, and opening the window. The suspect(s) went in, stole some cash from the victim’s purse, searched through a bag, and left via side door. Stanhope Road 24/02/2024-25/02/2024 2100-0700
Burglary – Back garden, patio window is believed to have been the point of entry. The window was smashed using a paving slab. Various items of gold jewellery were stolen, the suspect(s) are believed to have searched the house, and then left, possibly by the kitchen door. Saville Gardens 19/02/2024-03/03/2024 0001-1539



Classification Location Date Time
Attempted Robbery – The victim was waiting for a parent, when they were approached by a couple of males, asking what phone they had. The victim told them what make it was. The victim’s parent then arrived, and the suspects left without making threats or asking for the phone. Sandilands Tram Stop 04/03/2024 1530
Garage Burglary – The victim noticed various large items missing from the garage. The garage may have been sub-let, and builders, carrying out building work may have been using the garage. Park Hill Road/Brownlow Road 10/03/2024 1836
Burglary – The suspect(s) entered by smashing a window, and stole TVs, a sound system, other electrics, and some dried food, and then made their exit via the front door. This happened overnight. Rowan Gardens 13/03/2024-14/03/2024 1900-0618
Theft From Motor Vehicle – 3 suspects were seen to steal a motor vehicle from outside of an address. The vehicle was chased by Police and found abandoned later the same day in Dagenham. Fitzjames Avenue 18/03/2024 0105-0110
Theft – The suspect(s) accessed the box via unknown means, and stole 4x 12 volt batteries, approx. the size of a car battery, worth around £500. Telephone junction box, outside St Matthew’s Church, Chichester Road 20/03/2024 0005-0045
Burglary – The point of entry appears to have been a first floor rear window pane, which has been smashed, allowing the window handle to be accessed and the suspect to enter the staff room. Laptops have been stolen, and a search by the suspect of drawers and cupboard looking for valuable items/cash. Fennies Nursery, Addiscombe Road 20/03/2024 0210-0230
Theft – Victim was sitting on a bench in the park, got up and left, leaving their phone on the bench. When they realised, they went back to the bench, but the phone had gone. Park Hill Park 21/03/2024 1045
Criminal Damage – The victim drove to their partner’s address, locked and secured on the road opposite. The next day, the next day they came out and discovered the driver’s door handle had been damaged, and is no longer closing properly. Chichester Road 27/03/2024-28/03/2024 1900-0745



Classification Location Date Time
Theft of Motor Vehicle – The victim locked and secured their vehicle in a residential car park. When they returned the next day, the vehicle was gone. The victim retained the keys.

The vehicle was found, along with 3 other lost/stolen vehicles, in a shipping container, which was due to be shipped abroad.

Linnet Court, Chepstow Road 02/04/2024-03/04/2024 1700-0900
Theft of Motor Vehicle – The victim left their vehicle locked and secure on their driveway. One suspect pulled the bumper, whilst the other suspect removed a metal plate from the wheel arch, and drove off. The victim retained the keys, which were kept in a Faraday Box. Grimwade Avenue 03/04/2024 0320-1727
Theft – A package was stolen from the front porch. Bishop’s Court, Radcliffe Road 05/04/2024 0830-1100
Burglary – The point of entry was the rear conservatory door, which had been smashed, and a search carried out. The victims left their property and returned after receiving a phone call from neighbours, who’d also called Police, as they heard the burglar alarm. A variety of items have been stolen. Stanhope Road 06/04/2024 1800-2200
Theft – The victim was walking along the road, near Lloyd Park, when the suspect came passed and snatched the phone out of the victim’s hand and ran off. Coombe Road 08/04/2024 1400
Attempted Robbery – The victim was near their address, when their shoulder was grabbed from behind, the victim turned and saw 2 suspects stood there. The suspects claimed to be Police. The victim did not believe this and started screaming, the suspects put their hands on the victim’s mouth, and then searched the backpack whilst still attached, and the suitcase. The suspects were still restraining the victim, whilst conducting the search. The suspects did not find anything, and left. Radcliffe Road 10/04/2024 1945
Criminal Damage – The victim returned home and found that a single pane of a double glazed window had been shattered. Entry did not appear to have been attempted, and it looks as though stones were thrown at the window. Coombe Road 11/04/2024-13/04/2024 0001-2048
Theft of Motor Vehicle – The victim left their vehicle, and when they returned the following morning, found it had been stolen. The victim retains the keys to the vehicle. The vehicle contained a bag, which contained a passport, a laptop, and the victim’s contact details. Addiscombe Road 13/04/2024-14/04/2024 2100-0830
Possession of Cannabis – The suspect vehicle was stopped as it was known to Police. There was a strong smell of Cannabis and the suspect admitted to having Cannabis in the vehicle. The suspect and vehicle were searched under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. A bag of Cannabis and edible Cannabis sweets were found inside the vehicle.

The suspect was given a Community Resolution for Cannabis.

Lloyd Park Avenue 14/04/2024 2054-2155
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Unknown how suspect(s) gained entry. The victims found that the driver’s door was ajar and the boot open, but no signs of forced entry. A small amount of cash was taken. The car had been searched, with various compartments left open. Harding Close 15/04/2024 0200-0230
Robbery – Suspects approached the victim and their friend. When the suspects saw the victim’s iPhone, demanded they hand it over, the suspects also got the victim to hand over their phone pin. The suspects wiped the phone of all information, including, it is believed, the tracker. Coombe Road 17/04/2024 1335