Local police bulletin 15 June

Phone Number: 0208000000
Email Address: info@phra.org.uk

Dear Resident

Good evening, I hope you all had a good extended Bank Holiday/Jubilee weekend, and were able to enjoy some of the festivities.

There has been a reshuffle of PCs amongst our 4 Safer Neighbourhood Teams (Addiscombe East, Park Hill & Whitgift, Shirley North, & Shirley South), as a result of this we have PC Maddie Conway moving over, to join Charles and myself officially on Park Hill & Whitgift.

The Park Hill & Whitgift Ward Panel and AGM was held on Monday 13/06/2022 in St Matthew’s Church Hall. It was an open meeting, and good to see some of you there, the new Chief Inspector Imran Asghar, who is responsible for Safer Neighbourhood Teams in the Croydon borough; and Schools, Youth Engagement, and Youth Justice teams, across Bromley, Croydon and Sutton boroughs, was in attendance. Chief Inspector Asghar explained his role and the work he is doing. PC Charles Gryson gave the Safer Neighbourhood Team’s presentation.

After the Ward Panel, the AGM was held, where Graham Lyon was re-elected, unopposed as Chair, Natasha Parry (Deputy Head of Park Hill Infants School) was elected unopposed as Vice Chair, and Steve Collingwood was re-elected, unopposed, as Secretary.

The following were suggested and agreed upon as being the Safer Neighbourhood Team’s priorities to focus on for the next 3 months:

  • Protect Women and Children – Robberies Lloyd Park and Park Hill Park;
  • Vehicle related crime – Theft From Motor Vehicles – Catalytic Converters/Number Plates/theft of tools, amongst other items. Also includes speeding around the estate by drivers during school drop-off and pick-up times;
  • Anti-social parking – Parking on the yellow zigzag lines, mounting pavements, and parking on junctions – This will mainly be a priority in September, when the schools are back from the Summer Holidays, but we are starting to focus on it now.

Although it may not be reflected in the crimes below, there have been reported and unreported robberies and attempted robberies in and around Lloyd Park tram stop of Coombe Wood, and Royal Russell school children. The suspects wear dark clothing, and face masks, they are believed to be aged 14-16 years (Years 10 or 11). They have been approaching lone school children 11+ years, and demanding their phones and pin, intimating and mentioning that they have a knife. There have been 2 suspects arrested, since then only one incident has ocurred, this was on 02/06/2022 in Park Hill Park.

The details for the next 2 Police surgeries at Lloyd Park Café, are: Friday 01/07/2022, 1500-1600 hours (just Police); & Friday 08/07/2022 1500-1600 hours (Joint Police and Councillor).

Get your vehicle marked by FOR FREE by specially trained police officers, there is 1 location that this is being offered on the borough, the details are below:

  • SUNDAY 19/06/2022 – 1030-1400 hours – Granville Gardens Car Park, 26 Granville Gardens, Norbury, London SW16 3LL.

Please also visit, for more information, the MPS page for ways to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft: https://www.met.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/keeping-vehicles-safe/catalytic-converter-theft/

Please report any crimes through one of the 3 ways below:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • www.met.police.uk and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Classification Location Date Time
Common Assault – the victim went with their children to the fun fair, they bought a drink, and whilst asking the server about the drink, the server became annoyed, and slapped the victim around the face and then started kicking the. This victim’s glasses broke as a result of this. The damage totalled £450. Lloyd Park 02/05/2022 1630
Theft – Temporary traffic lights broken into, and 6 batteries stolen – approximately £600 in value. Selborne Road 01/05/2022-03/05/2022 1000-0800
Criminal Damage to a Motor Vehicle – The victim came down to the communal car park, and found that both sides of his car had been keyed. The car had also previously been parked in Rochester Gardens. Maresfield 07/04/2022-04/05/2022 0001-2200
Burglary – The suspect was seen to enter the property, and started opening and searching through cupboards. The suspect then went upstairs, and was believed to have been walking around. Police were notified, and arrived as the suspect was exiting the property. The suspect was arrested for Burglary and taken to Windmill Road Custody Centre. The suspect was later charged with Burglary with intent to steal. Mapledale Avenue 11/05/2022 2031
Dangerous Dogs – The victim’s cockapoo, was attacked in the top field of Lloyd Park, by a couple of dogs, both off the lead, described by the victim as either Bull Mastiffs or Pitbulls. The victim’s dog sustained injuries around the neck and ankles. The suspect did not stop and exchange details. Lloyd Park 13/05/2022 1310-1335
Theft of a Pedal Cycle – The victim left the bike locked to a pole on the grassy area. The next day they came back, and to find the bike gone, and the lock cut. Fleetwood Close 12/05/2022-13/05/2022 1900-1600
Burglary – The suspect(s) entered the property by unknown means, and stole £250 from the till. Lloyd Park Cafe 16/05/2022-17/05/2022 1700-0830
Theft of a Motor Vehicle – The victim’s vehicle was stolen from outside the address. No keys were stolen. Sandilands 17/05/2022-18/05/2022 2000-0900
Theft – Bank card was stolen and used several times. Park Hill Road 11/04/2022-19/05/2022 0600-0900
Malicious Communications – Victim received a phone Call from an unknown suspect, saying they were from Amazon, and saying that the victim owed them £75. The suspect became abusive and stated that they would find the victim. Tidenham Gardens 19/05/2022 1440-1445
Section 4a Public Order – The victim was jogging from their home, and as they jogged through Lloyd Park, saw a male looking at them, and made a sexual gesture with his hands, as she jogged towards him. The victim quickly left the park, and went home. Lloyd Park 25/05/2022 1938
Theft of Vehicle – The victim’s van was parked on the driveway, at the location, locked and secure. The suspect got out of another van, got into the victim’s van, and drove off. The victim’s van was found by Police, on Brownlow Road 3 days later. Ranmore Avenue 26/05/2022 1115-1120
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Response team officers on mobile patrol, looking for a vehicle that had been seen in the area tampering with vehicles. The officers noticed a broken rear window on the victim’s car. They got out to have a closer look, and saw the victim, who stated that the car was damaged in the last 5 minutes. Tools totalling approx. £300 had been stolen from 2 DEWALT tool bags. Mapledale Avenue 26/05/2022 1130


Many thanks.


PCSO Ollie White, PC Charles Gryson, & PC Maddie Conway.

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on our website: https://www.met.police.uk/