neighbourhood police bulletin 19 April 2022

Phone Number: 0208000000
Email Address:

From PCSO Ollie Whilte

Good Afternoon

Apologies first of all, as I was not in work from Tuesday 22/03/2022 until Tuesday 12/04/2022 for personal reasons.

The Ward Panel meeting on 21/03/2022, held at Archbishop Tenison’s, Selborne Road, was well attended.

The details for the next Police surgery are: Friday 22/04/2022, 1400-1500 hours, The Choir Vestry, St Matthew’s Church, Chichester Road. This will just be a Police surgery, as this is during the period of campaigning for local elections, so unfortunately Councillor Appleton is unable to joint us.

Please report any crimes through one of the 3 ways below:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Classification Location Date Time
Criminal Damage to a Motor Vehicle – The suspect walked up closely to the victim’s vehicle, with an object, believed possibly to be a key. The suspect, reached the door handle, turned around, and the sound of a key scrapping along the vehicle could be heard, there are scratch marks on the victim’s vehicle as a result of this. Bracewood Gardens 02/03/2022 0800-0805
Theft of a Motor Vehicle – The victim’s vehicle was locked and secured. The victim was taken into hospital, when he came out, the vehicle had been stolen. Deepdene Avenue 01/12/2021-02/03/2022 1200-1235
Theft of Motor Vehicle – The victim’s motorbike was stolen from the car park, suspect(s) not seen, and the victim still has the keys. Cotelands 05/03/2022 0700-1700
Burglary – The victim had 2 parcels, in 2 separate locations, one outside the communal door, and one propped up against their flat door. Both were taken, the items stolen were clothing and totalled £100 combined. Coombe Road 09/03/2022 1246-2200
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Front and rear number plates stolen, they had been screwed onto the vehicle. Radcliffe Road 09/03/2022-10/03/2022 1745-0700
Theft From Motor Vehicle – A catalytic converter was stolen from a car. The informant heard a car alarm, saw 3 males by the car, one was taking something from the car. All 3 suspects then ran off towards Chichester Road. Chepstow Rise 16/03/2022 2127
Courier Fraud – The suspect pretended to be a DC Dan Peterson from Hammersmith Police Station, warrant number DC528, Crime Reference number CR998778GB. The victim called 999 straight away and was put through to DC Peterson after quoting the Crime Reference Number. The victim was told that some of the cashiers from NatWest, Nationwide, and Barclays were involved, and that he needed to go to NatWest and Nationwide and ask for £4700 from each place. The victim went to both and asked for the requested sum, Nationwide gave over the full amount and NatWest gave £900, as they needed 24 hours’ notice to release the rest. Someone in plain clothes came and collected the money, a ‘deposit officer’, and the victim had been previously informed that this money would be returned to him.

An Action Fraud report has been put on, and City of London Police are now dealing with it.

Fitzjames Avenue 17/03/2022 1300-1600
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim parked their car on Sandilands, and went off to work. The victim came back and didn’t realise until the next day that the number plates had been stolen. Sandilands 18/03/2022 0800-2300
Attempted Burglary – There were 3 suspects who attempted to force entry and gain access to the property via the side gate. This was reported by a member of the public. Police chased 1 of the suspects, the other 2 made off in a high powered car. After further information from the public, 1 suspect was found. The suspect was arrested and charged with 2 Attempted Burglaries, 1 Residential Burglary, and 1 Criminal Damage. The car was found later. The 2 suspects are still outstanding. Selborne Road 30/03/2022 1434


Many thanks.


PCSO Ollie White & PC Charles Grayson