Neighbourhood Police bulletin 3 January 2020

Phone Number: 07341680553
Email Address:

Dear Residents

Good Afternoon. Firstly sorry that we are back in the old format, however it will be like this for a couple of weeks until Ricky is back from leave.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year with family/friends.

Since around the middle of December 2019, there has been a rise in the amount of motor vehicle crimes, in particular Theft and Attempted Theft From Motor Vehicles, whereby with the exception of a handful of other crimes, these have been the only types of crime reported on the ward.

Please remember these important few things:

  • DO lock your car/other vehicle;
  • DO keep your central consul empty, and leave your glove compartment open;
  • DO put your car in the garage (if you have one/are able);
  • DO NOT leave anything of value, or anything anyone else may perceive as valuable, in the car/other vehicle; &
  • DO NOT leave any keys within reach of the letterbox/front door


Classification Location Date Time
Robbery – Approached as he was walking through the park, by a group of males, they tried to take his phone, he tried to hang on and defend himself, but there were too many. Ongoing.

CRIS 3838747/19

Lloyd Park 11/12/2019 2200-2300
Attempted Theft From Motor Vehicle – Front passenger window smashed, and search conducted, but nothing taken. Maresfield 27/12/2019-28/12/2019 1900-1500
Attempted Theft From Motor Vehicle – victim came back from Croydon and noticed that their front passenger window had been smashed. Contents of the glove compartment emptied, and moved, but nothing stolen. Maresfield 27/12/2019-28/12/2019 1900-1500

Lastly I would like to clarify a misunderstanding, which led to a misreporting, just before Christmas of a Theft of Motor Vehicle on Mapledale Avenue. The victim actually dropped their keys in an Uber on Friday 06/12/2019, and the driver dropped them back, within the hour. The night of Monday 09/12/2019, the car was stolen, at the point of the car theft, the victim was in possession of the keys, and it is suspected that the code was somehow stolen to the keys.

Hope to see you when we are out and about. We hope you have a good week.