Neighbourhood police bulletin 5 July 2022

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Dear Resident

Firstly In this month’s email, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Reverend Simon Foster well, as he is retiring at the end of July. I’d like to thank him for his service to St Matthew’s Church, Park Hill Infants School, Park Hill Junior School, and Archbishop Tenison’s School, as well as the community in general.

Although it may not be reflected in the crimes below, there have been reported and unreported robberies and attempted robberies in and around Lloyd Park tram stop of Coombe Wood, and Royal Russell school children. The suspects wear dark clothing, and face masks, they are believed to be aged 14-16 years (Years 10 or 11). They have been approaching lone school children 11+ years, and demanding their phones and pin, intimating and mentioning that they have a knife. There have been 2 suspects arrested, since then only one incident has occurred, this was on 02/06/2022 in Park Hill Park.

There has also been an increase in June of criminal damage, as you can see garages are being criminally damaged/broken into, especially those in a block, rather than being attached to a residence. If you can, please secure your garage, by putting locks on each side of the door, and also do not put anything valuable in the garage.

I will be at Lloyd Park Café on Friday 08/07/2022 1500-1600 hours. I will hopefully be joined by Councillor Jade Appleton.

Please also visit, for more information, the MPS page for ways to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft:

Please report any crimes through one of the 3 ways below:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • roydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Classification Location Date Time
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim’s car was broken into and an iPhone and a bag of clothes were stolen. The vehicle was locked and secure of the victim’s driveway. Addiscombe Road 30/05/2022-31/05/2022 1830-1000
Attempted Robbery – The victim was sat under a tree on their own, when they were approached by 3 males, all believed to be in Year 10 or 11 (14-16 years), wearing sports style clothing, and face masks. They approached the victim, with one suspect sitting down next to the victim, and said “Give me your phone”, another suspect said, “We’ll kick you into the tree”. The third suspect, whilst reaching into his waistband and appearing to hold something, said, “Don’t make me back you up”. The victim then ran to the Fairfield Road entrance of the park, with the suspects chasing, as soon as the victim reached the entrance, the suspects turned round and walked back up, leaving via one of the Coombe Road entrances to the park. Park Hill Park 02/06/2022 1725-1745
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The elderly victim’s car was broken into, and her husband’s blue badge stolen. The suspect(s) broke into the car, by smashing the driver’s side front window. Cotelands 04/06/2022
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Catalytic Converter stolen by unknown suspect(s). Steep Hill 10/06/2022-13/06/2022 1600-1430
Burglary – The victim came home, and found his garage had been broken into. The padlock was missing, and when the garage door was opened, the victim found the boot open, and a tool box missing from the boot. The victim looked in the cart, and saw that the suspect(s) had rummaged through, but nothing else had been taken. Chepstow Road 13/06/2022-14/06/2022 1500-0130
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim parked their vehicle, close to their home address, the vehicle was locked and secure. The victim came back the next day and found that their front and rear number plates had been pulled off and stolen. Chichester Road 14/06/2022-15/06/2022 1600-0800
Garage Burglary – The unknown suspect(s), have entered the victim’s garage, by smashing through an internal wall of the neighbouring garage. One the suspect(s) have entered the garage, they have stolen numerous tools, from their boxes, within the garage. Chichester Road 09/06/2022-15/06/2022 1000-1900
Criminal Damage – The victim’s garage door has been prized open, by suspect(s) unknown. Greenacres 17/06/2022 0130-0140
Criminal Damage – The victim’s garage door has been bent back on one side, and an opening left, not believed that anything was stolen. Greenacres 17/06/2022 0330-0500
Vehicle Interference – The victim saw a Ford Kuga pull up, 3 suspects in balaclavas get out, holding tools, looking into a vehicle. The victim shouted at the suspects, who got back into their car, and sped off. Grimwade Avenue 17/06/2022 0935-0940
Criminal Damage – The suspect(s) unknown, have prized open a corner of the victim’s garage door. Nothing was stolen. Green Acres 16/06/2022-20/06/2022 0059-0900
Garage Burglary – The victim’s garage is in a block, unattached to his property, the suspects stole 5 quad bikes, worth £10000 each. The victim is a trader, and the quad bikes stolen did not have any number plates on. The victim had gone to check the bikes that he had recently obtained, he left, and went home, when he woke up a while later, he saw a notification on his phone that someone had accessed the garage. He went down and discovered they’d been stolen. Garages, Anselm Close 24/06/2022 0020-0115
Robbery – The victim and his girlfriend, were using the outdoor gym equipment in the park, when the suspects, 2 black males, wearing balaclavas and man bags approached. The victim’s girlfriend managed to escape to the café, the suspects demanded the victim’s phone, and was told if he tried to run or gave them the wrong pin for the phone, he would be ‘chinned’ (punched in the face), he was also persuaded to hand over his pin and phone, by them showing him part of a blade, of what the victim believed to be a Rambo style knife, which one of the suspects had. Lloyd Park 24/06/2022 1430-1437
Attempted Robbery – The victim, a secondary school student, got off the tram at Lloyd Park Tram Stop, and a group of 3 males, believed aged 15-16 years, wearing school trousers, carrying bags, with NIKE on them also got off. The suspects approached the victim, and demanded his phone, the victim refused, and was chased into Lloyd Park, where he called and was helped by strangers. The 3 boys ran off. Lloyd Park Tram Stop 27/06/2022 1635-1645
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Front and back number plates were stolen from the victim’s vehicle, which was parked in a private car park, and left one, a random/stolen number plate, in its place. Brownlow Road 28/06/2022 1120
Criminal Damage – A witness has seen suspect(s), running, knocking on the victim’s front door, kicking and breaking the glass in the door and then running away. This caused broken glass to be strewn over the hallway and stairs. These suspects are from a local secondary school, just over the road from Park Hill & Whitgift ward. Langton Way 29/06/2022 0820-0840

Many thanks.

PCSO Ollie White, PC Charles Gryson, & PC Maddie Conway.

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