Neighbourhood Police bulletin 6 January 2020

Phone Number: 07341680553
Email Address:

Thank you for all the phone calls and emails that I am getting from you, to report various crimes occurring on the ward. Whilst I welcome this, unfortunately, we cannot take the reports this way, they have to be reported through one of the following ways:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


There seems to be a continuation of thieves targeting motor vehicles, smashing the passenger or driver’s side window, and opening the centre consul and glove compartments, searching the vehicle, I suspect for loose change, jewellery, or other small untraceable items. Please remember these important few things:

  • DO lock your car/other vehicle;
  • DO keep your central consul empty, and leave your glove compartment open;
  • DO put your car in the garage (if you have one/are able);
  • DO NOT leave anything of value, or anything anyone else may perceive as valuable, in the car/other vehicle; &
  • DO NOT leave any keys within reach of the letterbox/front door


Classification Location Date Time
Attempted Theft From Motor Vehicle – Passenger side window smashed, glove compartment open. Nothing taken. Maresfield 28/12/2019-29/12/2019 1800-1154
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Rear driver’s window smashed, a small box containing a pair of earrings from the back seat, and also a pair of Nike Airs, from underneath the back seat, also stolen. Chichester Road near Engadine Close 27/12/2019-28/12/2019 2230-1200
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Front and rear number plates stolen. Coverdale Gardens 31/12/2019-01/01/2020 1900-1400
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Front and rear number plates stolen. Chichester Road 01/01/2020-03/01/2020 1400-1215
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Catalytic Converter stolen from a Honda Jazz. Fitzjames Avenue 03/01/2020 0800-1710


Lastly I would like to thank you, our residents, in response to not only Ricky’s last email before Christmas, but also mine at the end of last week, for some very appreciated and lovely replies/Christmas and New Year wishes. I’m sure that I can probably say this on Ricky and Tom’s behalf as well, it is a pleasure to serve this ward and its residents.