Neighbourhood Police Bulletin 9 May 2022

Phone Number: 0208000000
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Update from PCSOO Ollie White with a distressing number of crimes in the past month.

Good Afternoon, I hope you all had a good Easter

 Congratulations to Councillor Jade Appleton for being re-elected as Park Hill & Whitgift Ward Councillor

The details for the next joint Police and Councillor surgery are: Friday 20/05/2022, 1400-1500 hours, The Choir Vestry, St Matthew’s Church, Chichester Road.

As you will see from the crimes below, the ward has suffered 6 catalytic converter thefts in April. In light of this, please digest the following advice:

  • If you see a group of people (usually male), of 3 or 4, gathered around a motor vehicle, and you believe this to be suspicious, please DO NOT confront them, as you can see from April’s crimes, they are often armed with baseball bats or other weapons, and will not hesitate to use them. CALL 999 immediately, and give as much detail as you can;
  • If you have a garage, and are able to, then please use it, as this will be added security, and hopefully a deterrent.
  • Get your vehicle marked by FOR FREE by specially trained police officers, there are 2 locations that this is being offered on the borough, the details are below:
  • THIS THURSDAY 12/05/2022 – 1030-1400 hours – Waitrose Car Park, Main Road, Biggin Hill, Westerham TN16 3BB done by Darwin & Biggin Hill SNT
  • SUNDAY 12/06/2022 – 1030-1400 hours – Granville Gardens Car Park, 26 Granville Gardens, Norbury, London SW16 3LL.

Please also visit, for more information, the MPS page for ways to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft:

Please find attached to this month’s edition, the 2 flyers for the above catalytic converter event markings.

Also below, you will see at the end of April, 4 victims of a linked series, of Attempted Burglary on Park Hill, as you can see the suspect was arrested for all 4, and charged with 1 on Park Hill, and others on different wards. The arrest was made by none other than a former Park Hill and Whitgift PC, Harry Claringbull, well done Harry

Please report any crimes through one of the 3 ways below:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Classification Location Date Time
Possession of Cannabis – Suspect was found in possession of Cannabis, after a search was conducted under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The suspect was issued with a Community Resolution for Cannabis. Fairfield Path 11/04/2022 0905
Theft – The victim’s delivered parcel was stolen from the front of her house. Paul Gardens 12/04/2022 1714-1755
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim parked their vehicle in the car park, and left it locked and secured, when they returned, they saw the rear passenger door slightly open. The suspect(s) had entered through the rear passenger door, causing no visible damage in the process, although the car door shuts properly, the lock/alarm no longer works. The victim’s lone working device, purse, and a bank card were stolen. The rest of the contents of the purse were emptied onto the front, passenger seat. Cotelands 13/04/2022-14/04/2022 1800-1300
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim noticed from their house that there were a group of suspects by his father’s vehicle. The victim went down, saw the car jacked up, with a light underneath and shouted at the group. One of the group came over aggressively with a wrench/metal bar and the victim went back inside. The catalytic converter was removed, and the suspects left the scene. Reynolds Way 14/04/2022 2130-2137
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim’s car had dry soil put all over the bonnet and a stepping stone put underneath the rear passenger side wheel. It was later discovered that the catalytic converter had been stolen and 2 pipes from the converter had been cut through and damaged.

A neighbour, saw from a window, 4 men laughing and holding something by the vehicle.

Fitzjames Avenue 13/04/2022-14/04/2022 1800-2200
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The catalytic converter was stolen from the victim’s vehicle. Langton Way 14/04/2022 2105-2230
Theft From a Motor Vehicle – Whilst parked at the location, the victim’s front number plate was stolen. Steep Hill 16/04/2022-17/04/2022 2230-0800
Offensive Weapon – Officers from the Met’s Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF), were on mobile patrol, and had cause to stop the suspect vehicle. Officers detected a strong smell of Cannabis, and a nervous driver. A Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 search was conducted on the suspect and the vehicle. A quantity of herbal Cannabis was found in the suspect’s shoulder bag for personal use. A black handled flick knife was found in the driver’s side door.

The suspect was arrested for Possession of an Offensive Weapon, and Possession of Cannabis.

Park Hill Rise 22/04/2022 1610
Robbery – The victim/informant is a resident, they heard a screeching noise, and looked out a window, to see 3 masked men on his driveway, one had a baseball bat, and another had a tool or long implement. The victim/informant shouted out the window, “What are you doing?”, and one of the suspects replied “F**k off, we know where you live and we’ll smash your windows in”. The suspects then walked off to an awaiting car. The victim/informant went outside and noticed that the catalytic converter had been stolen from a family member’s vehicle. Sandilands 28/04/2022 2215-2224
GBH – The victim heard voices outside their back sliding door, with one male saying “Give me it.” The victim opened the sliding door, and was hit on their leg and arm with a metal pole. The victim managed to get back inside and the suspects drove off. Believed the suspects were attempting to break into vehicles before the incident. The victim’s hand was broken as a result of the assault. Steep Hill 28/04/2022 2235
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim’s catalytic converter was stolen from their vehicle and they heard their car alarm going off, and suspects running away to a car and driving off. Believed this is linked with the above GBH, as the victim, believes that the same suspects assaulted their downstairs neighbour. Steep Hill 28/04/2022 2200-2332
Attempted Burglary – The informant stated that they came downstairs after hearing a loud bang. The informant came downstairs and saw a gold sheet covering the outside of the window. The informant went opened the door, saw the suspect and asked what he was doing. The suspect tried to push the door open, the informant closed the door, and the suspect ran off. The informant’s phone was damaged in the process.

This is linked with the next 3 Attempted Burglaries listed, and the suspect has been arrested for all 4, charged with the Attempted Burglary in Brownlow Road, and bailed/released under investigation for the other 3.

Green Acres 29/04/2022 0615-0620
Attempted Burglary – The suspect smashed the rear window, with a block of rubble or concrete, and after being challenged by the informant, ran off. Engadine Close 29/04/2022 0630
Attempted Burglary – The victim woke up to the sound of banging, and saw a smashed window, and the suspect leaving over the back fence, towards Tipton Drive. The suspect had not entered the house. The suspect used slabs from the path to cause the damage. Copping Close 29/04/2022 0700-0705
Attempted Burglary – The suspect peered over the fence and into the property, the victim thought that the suspect may have been a family member. The victim got up to have a closer look, and the suspect disappeared, and is believed to have been trying the front door handle. The suspect then went back round to the back, climbing over the fence and into the garden, aided by the shed. The suspect then peered through the rear patio doors and walked around the back garden. Brownlow Road 29/04/2022 0730
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The victim’s catalytic converter was stolen, believed may have been the evening of 28/04/2022, when the previous catalytic converter was stolen, and the assault took place. The victim found their vehicle, with the front grill cut open, and the catalytic converter stolen. Steep Hill 28/04/2022-29/04/2022 1500-0900