Neighbourhood Police February 2023 Bulletin

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Dear Resident

Good Afternoon.

I hope that you are all enjoying the half-term, and the sunny weather, hopefully the temperatures will soon be matching this again.

An update on Croydon Borough Policing Management:

Andy Brittain has now been appointed as the permanent Chief Superintendent for South Area (Bromley, Croydon and Sutton Police);

Mitch Carr has been appointed as the new Superintendent for Safer Neighbourhoods for South Area;

Imran Asghar has resumed as Chief Inspector for Croydon Safer Neighbourhoods.

Congratulations to Cathy Thomas, who has been appointed as Chief Inspector, and left us a little while ago to work as the Staff Officer for the Assistant Commissioner for Frontline Policing Louisa Rolfe.

The next Joint Police and Councillor drop-in surgery will be Friday 17/02/2023 1400-1500 hours, in The Choir Vestry, St Matthew’s Church, Chichester Road.

The Ward Panel is a panel of people, who are a cross-section from the ward, whether they be residents and/or work on the ward or represent interested community groups on the ward. If you are interested in joining, the Ward Panel Chair, Mr Graham Lyon has asked that you email him: and he can explain what it entails. It is not onerous and would take about an hour or two every three months.

Please be aware of companies cold calling, trying to get you to install loft insulation, but the number used is not real, and if searched on the internet, would come back as a scam number. Usually you will receive a letter, stating you are entitled to it, and if you would like them to come and do the work, you have to contact them to arrange this. There have been a few instances where people saying they are from a company are contacting those who they say are eligible (usually older residents). These people persistently call to confirm appointments, so far all those contacted have either not arranged an appointment, or have arranged it and then cancelled at the last minute.

Please report any crimes through one of the 3 ways below:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Classification Location Date Time
Theft of Motor Vehicle – The vehicle stolen from the driveway. The suspect used a tool to open the front door, and stole the keys from the hallway, driving off with the car. Selborne Road 04/01/2023 0100-1205
Theft of Motor Vehicle – The vehicle was parked, locked and secured. This was a keyless vehicle, the keys were kept in the address. In the morning, the vehicle had gone. Radcliffe Road 04/01/2023-05/01/2023 2100-0700
Criminal Damage – The suspect pushed the bottom of the door, smashing the glass. Nothing was stolen. Radcliffe Road 06/01/2023 0245-0250
Theft – The victim ordered items online, they were delivered. When the owner went to where they were left, the parcel had gone. Bardsley Close 11/01/2023 1335-1500
Burglary – The point of entry was the rear garage door in the back garden, the glass was smashed by the handle, and the key was still in the lock. The internal door to the house was forced open, and they searched upstairs and downstairs. Nothing was stolen. It is believed access was gained by climbing over the neighbour’s fence. Selborne Road 12/01/2023 1815-1930
Fraud – Suspect knocked on the elderly victim’s door, stating that their gutters needed clearing and they’d do it for £50. Suspect appeared to clear the gutters, then claimed that more major work was needed. Suspect stated the work would cost £400, the victim gave them the money. The suspect drove off after claiming they’d go to the van to get a receipt. Savile Gardens 14/01/2023 1120-1145
Dog on Dog Aggressive Behaviour – The informant saw a group of young males with dogs off lead, entering the basketball court and then training them aggressively. The young males are allowing the dogs to run around the park off lead. Park Hill Park 27/01/2023 1200-1230

Many thanks.

PC Charles Gryson, PC Sam Pike, & PCSO Ollie White

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on our website: