Neighbourhood Police Update 28 February

Phone Number: 0208000000
Email Address:

Can I remind anyone interested in meeting and speaking with Councillor Jade Appleton and me that our first 2 joint surgeries, will occur on the following dates:

Friday 04/03/2022 – Lloyd Park Café  1500-1600 hours; &

Friday 18/03/2022 – The Choir Vestry, St Matthew’s Church 1400-1500 hours.

The date for the next Park Hill & Whitgift Ward Panel Meeting is Monday 21/03/2022, this is being very generously held at Archbishop Tenison’s School, on Selborne Road from 1800-1915 hours.

The Ward Panel is a panel of people, who are a cross-section from the ward, whether they be residents and/or work on the ward or represent interested community groups on the ward. If you are interested in joining, the Ward Panel Chair, Mr Graham Lyon has asked that you email him: and he can explain what it entails. It is not onerous and would take about an hour or two every three months.

Please report any crimes through one of the 3 ways below:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Classification Location Date Time
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Informant saw suspects outside of his house, blocking his driveway using a black BMW. The informant observed the suspects and saw they were stealing tools from a van parked outside. The informant challenged the suspects, asking them to move, and attempted to stop them stealing from the van. One of the suspects twice threw an object at the van’s driver’s side window, the second time smashing it. The BMW containing the suspects reversed onto the informant’s drive, and then drove off towards Shirley. Deepdene Avenue 01/02/2022 1210-1220
Burglary – 2 bicycles were stolen from a communal basement car park. The suspect(s) have damaged a side door getting in, by levering open the door. The escape with the bikes was made via the roller door entrance at the front, which was lifted up, but not damaged. St. Bernard’s 08/02/2022 1500-1600
Criminal Damage – The suspect knocked on the victim’s door, but received no response, as the victim was in an online meeting. The victim then heard glass smash, so ran downstairs shouting, to find the glass in the front door had been smashed. The suspect had left, in an unknown direction. Addiscombe Road 10/02/2022 1610-1611
Theft of Motor Vehicle – The victim’s work van was parked on Brownlow Road, parked in a parking bay, close to the junction with Caroline Close. Brownlow Road 24/02/2022 0001-1700
Section 4 Public Order – The victim was driving down the driveway of Park Hill Park, which leads to Coombe Road. The victim was in the car with 4 other work mates. The road is narrow, windy, and steep, which makes it difficult to overtake. The victim tooted their horn at the suspect, as they were walking in the middle of the road, with their headphones in, the horn was tooted to warn the suspect of the vehicle’s presence behind them. The suspect turned around and said “You don’t know who I am or what I have in my pocket”, and begun swearing.

The victim drove past the suspect, the suspect then caught up with them, indicating gun fingers from his pocket, and said “You’re lucky I don’t smash your window, as you have a kid in the back”. The suspect spat on the car bonnet, crossed the road, and walked off, still swearing.

Coombe Road 25/02/2022 0908-0913


Many thanks.

PCSO Ollie White & PC Charles Gryson