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PCSO Oliver White has returned to Park Hill and Whitgift SNT. We welcome Ollieback and repeat below his email in full, not least because the technology doesn’t want to do anything else

Dear Resident

Good Evening.

Firstly, I am now back as your PCSO, PCSO David Thompson has done an amazing job since he took over from me last March, however he is now the PCSO for Shirley South. I’d like to thank him for his good work, whilst on this ward.

I am pleased to announce, after consultation with Councillor Jade Appleton, the first 2 dates, in what I hope will be a successful Police/Council partnership for hosting joint surgeries, which will occur on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.

Friday 04/03/2022 – Lloyd Park Café (venue TBC) 1500-1600 hours; &

Friday 18/03/2022 – The Choir Vestry, St Matthew’s Church 1400-1500 hours.

There are only 2 dates being published at the moment, as a period of campaigning begins on Monday 28/03/2022, with the climax of the local Council and Inaugural Elected Mayoral Election taking place borough-wide on Thursday 05/05/2022.

The date for the next Park Hill & Whitgift Ward Panel Meeting is Monday 21/03/2022, with the venue to be confirmed. I hope to confirm the venue and time in next month’s email, which I plan to send out on Monday 28/02/2022 or Tuesday 01/03/2022.

The Ward Panel is a panel of people, who are a cross-section from the ward, whether they be residents and/or work on the ward or represent interested community groups on the ward. If you are interested in joining, the Ward Panel Chair, Mr Graham Lyon has asked that you email him: and he can explain what it entails. It is not onerous and would take about an hour or two every three months.

Please report any crimes through one of the 3 ways below:

  • 101 (the non-emergency number for reporting crime;
  • and choose the Report tab; or
  • Croydon Police Station Front Office, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Classification Location Date Time
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Theft of Catalytic Converter, the suspects put a couple of ceramic pots under a front and back wheel. Minster Drive 04/01/2022-05/01/2022 1800-0830
Burglary – The suspect(s) forced entry into the garden shed, by levering open the bracket on the shed door, nothing was stolen.

Entry had also been attempted into the house, both at the front and back, but this was unsuccessful. The front kitchen window was damaged at the bottom. The metal part of the rear patio doors to the lounge have been twisted and damaged in 2 places near the handle. The second set of patio doors have been damaged around the lock.

Addiscombe Road 13/01/2022 0100-0300
Dog-on-Dog – The victim’s dog was on a lead, the victim was doing dog training in the park. The offending dog was not on a lead, ran over, and grabbed hold of the victim’s dog’s neck, for no more than 20 seconds, the victim removed the dog from his dog. The owner came over, oblivious to what had just happened, and took his dog away. Lloyd Park 15/01/2022 1200
Exposure – The victims, a couple of young secondary school children noticed a male stood in some bushes close to the Deepdene Avenue entrance/exit. The male then exposed his lower region. The victims then left the park, very distressed, and asked a member of public to contact Police. Lloyd Park 19/01/2022 1524
Theft From Motor Vehicle – The suspect(s) gained entry through unknown means, and stole the victim’s blue badge. Fitzjames Avenue 20/01/2022-21/01/2022 1600-1230
Theft of Motor Vehicle – A privately hired scooter was stolen from a private car park, at the location. The victim contacted the hire company, who activated and supplied the victim with the GPS location. The victim found the scooter, which had been burned. Selborne Road 23/01/2022 1700
Theft From Motor Vehicle – Front and rear number plates stolen. Steep Hill 21/01/2022-25/01/2022 2200-2000
Robbery – The victim, a secondary school student was in the vicinity of Sandilands, when a group of 3 teenage males crossed the road, and boxed him in. They demanded to see his phone, got him to gain access, and then made him change the password, before taking the phone and running off towards Mapledale Road bus stop. The victim then got on a bus in the opposite direction.

The next day the victim and his brother saw the suspects, and called Police. The 3 suspects were arrested for this robbery, and were further arrested for another robbery committed on the bus straight after this one.

Sandilands 26/01/2022 1600
Theft – The victim was selling their laptop on Gumtree. The buyer came, keyed in the victim’s details to their online banking app, and a confirmation came through. The suspect then left with the laptop, however the payment did not reach the victim’s bank account. The victim’s bank has confirmed that no payment was attempted or pending. The suspect has now ceased contact. Bardsley Close 30/01/2022 1030-1045

Many thanks.

PCSO Ollie White & PC Charles Gryson

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on our website: