Neighbourhood Watch January Update

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A belated Happy New Year to everyone. Quite a bit to report this month. As always – please do inform the NHW office of any concerns/crimes/scams as well as letting your local SNT know so that we can help spread the word.


Regrettably, there were several burglaries across the borough over the past month.  In an attempted burglary in Selsdon and Forestdale, the residents had gone away for the Christmas break and returned to find Sellotape had been stuck to the top of their front door. Apparently, would be burglars often do this to ascertain whether a resident is indeed away/on holiday. The Sellotape acts a seal and if broken, the would be burglars then know that the house is in use. Fortunately, these residents returned in time.

Another burglary reported to me took place on Beaumont Road in Purley.

The burglars entered through the front door (smashing it in). The occupants were not home at the time (early evening) and the burglars ran off through the back garden when they realised the owners were returning home. Please remember to try and make your home look occupied when you are not in – timer switches for lights and keeping a radio/tv on are good deterrents.

Police In the Sanderstead ward have informed us that many of the burglaries committed there took place mid-week during the day, whilst people were at work or doing the school run. All properties were accessed via the rear of the property. Police advise residents who have a side access route to the back of their garden to try to make it as difficult as possible to access via the side. Burglars like to gain access through the rear of the property as they are unlikely to be seen.  DO NOT leave your bins at the front of properties as these allow burglars an easy way to get into rear gardens.

They use the bins as a step and hop over side gates or fences . Burglars like to be in and out of the property as quickly as possible so they tend to target small valuable items such as gold or jewellery. Burglars know that gold/jewellery is generally kept in the bedroom, so try to keep valuable items somewhere else.


Catalytic Converter Thefts and Advice

The theft of catalytic converters seems to be a growing crime. I was made aware of a theft of one in the Ikea car park which is extremely busy. The advice here was to try and park in open and light spaces even in busy public car parks! We are often told that there is very little that car owners can do to protect against this crime. However, Sanderstead police have issued some very good advice below. Please read:

We have recently seen an increase in motor vehicle offences, specifically Catalytic Converters are being stolen from specific vehicles.

Makes & Models being targeted (All Hybrid vehicles) :

*            Lexus Rx400

*            Honda Accord & Jazz

*            Toyota Prius & Auris.

How the theft works:

A catalytic converter is located in a box on the exhaust pipe under a car.

In order to steal it, thieves slide under the car and use high-powered cutting tools to detach the box from the pipes around it.

The metals are expensive and include metals such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum. The thieves sell the converters for a couple of hundred per piece, depending on the size of the converter and the current rate on the metals inside it. It could cost you up to £2000 to replace a catalytic converter and it is illegal to drive your car without one.

What we advise:

  • Parking your car in a garage overnight • Ensuring your car is parked to make accessing the catalytic converter harder • Trying to park in a location that is well-lit and overlooked • Installing CCTV to cover where your car is parked • Marking your catalytic converter with a forensic marker which can • make it harder to sell on by thieves If you own one of the above makes of car, look to speak to your manufacturer about a “Catloc”, a device which makes it harder for thieves to detach the catalytic converter from the bottom of the car.

You should also register your converter and mark it with a forensic marker, which will make it harder for thieves to dispose of. Visit for more detail.


I think it is of interest to read what the Met Police have tweeted recently on their Twitter pages in regard to recent criminal activity in Croydon.

Police updates from Twitter

Old Coulsdon Police @MPSOldCoulsdon – 14 Jan Warrant conducted last Friday on an address in The Glade, Coulsdon. One male arrested for Possession with intent to supply class A drugs, possession of a firearm and possession of cannabis. Numerous weapons seized by police.

Broad Green police @MPSBroadGreen – 11 Jan On 09/01/20 Territorial Support Group (TSG) were tasked to patrol #BroadGreenWard and stopped a vehicle in #WestCroydon B.R car park, two males have been arrested for being in possession of 25 wraps of crack cocaine and 25 bags of cannabis.

On the 11/01/20 a male was arrested outside Pizza Hut #LondonRoad #BroadGreen for possession with intent to supply. He has been charged and to appear at court shortly.

Selsdon & Addington Village Police @MPSSelsdonAddvi – 12 Jan Two stolen vehicles recovered yesterday from Mickelham Way, New Addington both stolen from burglaries. If any residents have any information but wish to remain anonymous please report via crimestoppers.

Selsdon & Addington Village Police 11 Jan **Burglary, Farley Road** On Friday 10/01/2020 between 20:00hrs & 21:45hrs.

Suspect/s gained entry by smashing the window in the back door. Unknown what has been stolen at this time. Did you see or hear anything? Please contact us if you did.

Park Hill and Whitgift Police @MPSParkHill – 17 Jan Tom & Ricky have been busy, charging 2 brothers with Possession of Class B Spice. Both brothers were in possession of a large amount of Spice in Park Hill Park. The other brother was found in possession of it during a Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act warrant.


 Scams Update

Please watch out for the following scams that have been reported to the NHW office, this is how they can appear – please do not respond or click any links, they are not legitimate:

  1. Door to door scam – 2 men in a grey van purporting to be from Scottish Power claimed that a Croydon resident’s metre was faulty and would need to be replaced for a fee. They tried to take payment by credit card but were unable to and left. Please ALWAYS ask to see ID from any door step callers and it is always best to call the service provider to check identification before allowing anyone into your home.
  1. Email scam -sent from an ordinary BT email address – claiming to be from TV Licensing saying that the user needed to click on a link to arrange direct debit payment of his TV licence. Failure to do so would result in a visit from the Bailiffs. The email was not worded well. Please delete these emails and do NOT click on any links.


The Mayor of Croydon’s Knife Crime Seminar 20 February 2020 in the Town Hall, Croydon

Croydon NHW are proud to be supporting the Mayor’s first ever Knife Crime Seminar for young people on 20 February in Croydon. Please see details in the attached flyer. The Mayor is hoping to showcase some of the initiatives Croydon is undertaking  to help young people cope with the issue of knife crime/ help prevent knife crime in the borough.  There will be talks and stalls offering information and advice. If you would like to attend and/or know some young people that would like to attend, please register via Eventbrite. The event is free. We look forward to seeing some of you there!