Operation Cleveland final update

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Croydon Police have issued on Nextdoor the following final report on Operation Cleveland

Operation Cleveland the Final results.

Operation Cleveland has been a dedicated venture in pursuit of tackling drug related and violent crime in West Croydon. For two weeks (8th – 21st of February) officers led by Superintendent Andy Brittain and Inspector Katie Woods have been focused on a venture to disrupt and break down the links in drug dealing and the violence the crimes often lead to in the area.
In total 87 arrests have been made in West Croydon, predominantly for drugs and violence related offences.
A total of 518 people have been stopped and search in this area.
40 Reports from local people taking a stand for the area they live in have been processed and are leading on to more work to be done in the area. Their feedback and engagement has been of paramount importance in this fight to drive down crime in West Croydon.
34 Weapons have been recovered from Weapons sweeps and the above mentioned stop and searches.
3 Warrants have been executed, enabling us to arrest people and gathering evidence for firearms offences and drug dealers.
36 Penalties were also given for minor drug related offences such as possession of personal amounts of cannabis.
We extend our thanks for their support to all our local partners and residents during the operation.

In addition to this we thank all the officers that worked around the clock o their shifts in the area. This operation was worked on by many officers from many different strands in the police service. Thanks to

The Neighbourhood Tasking Team
Violent Suppression unit
Proactive CID Unit
Violent Crime Task Force
Safer Neighbourhood Team
Roads Transport Teams
Schools Unit
and the British Transport Police Violent Task Force.

In the last days officers maintained their composure and pushed on to achieve the following results.
The Neighborhood Tasking Team conducted a vehicle stop. The car was searched along with the occupants, Cannabis and a lock knife were found, the driver was arrested for Possession With Intent To Supply and possession of the Knife. NTT have been leading the way with joined up working with the Dog Unit with daily weapon sweeps and have recovered a number of knives, other intended weapons and drug stashes as well as focusing on the continuing community engagement.
British Transport police VCTF deployed plain clothes Officers in the West Croydon area for Op Cleveland and they had 2 arrests: the first a wanted male for GBH and the second male was arrested for offering to supply a controlled substance.
The violent crime task force made a male, seen to in a believed drug deal, Officers tried to stop the car which rammed the police car. The car after ramming the police vehicle Failed To Stop. After a short pursuit the car crashed into a Member Of the Publics vehicle. The driver was detained and arrested for Failing to stop, Dangerous driving, Drug drive and criminal damage cars.
The Croydon Special Constabulary have been vital in building the community links by conducting high visibility patrols of the gang estates and doing weapon sweeps, they have also had residents thanking them for their presence. Acting Special Sergeant Gabriella Mason-Buck has been very much leading her team from the front and providing that much needed reassurance to the community.