Operation Cleveland Week One Update

Phone Number: 0208000000
Email Address: info@phra.org.uk

Operation Cleveland is targeted on hitting Drug Related Offences and the Violence it so often causes on our streets in West Croydon. Croydon Police have published an update on the first week of the operation.

Below are the results we have from our dedicated team of officers. Lead By Superintendent Andy Brittain and Inspector Katie Woods tackling the offenders that seek to take advantage of some of most vulnerable residents.

28 Arrests have been made predominantly for drugs and violence related offences.

215 people have been stop and searched which resulted in many of the arrests stated above, with 9 Weapons being recovered, and countless quantities of drugs being taken off the streets and out of the hands of the dealers.

Officers have conducted 174 Weapons sweeps in West Croydon where some of the Knives and the nasty looking adapted offensive weapon pictured below were recovered. (these were hidden by suspects, either after use or in preparation for violence)

Intelligence from the public and residents has seen us be able to execute 3 warrants this week all with successful arrests being made and a number of Firearms being taken out of circulation to be destroyed.

It does not end here, we continue to work over the weekend providing this robust, no nonsense approach to tackling these issues which are affecting our residents. The work is not over however. YOU CAN HELP !

If you have any information regarding the drug related crime taking place in West Croydon; Below is an email address which will be treated in confidence. Intelligence gathered here will lead to action being taken as we continue to build our resources in tackling these crimes. Information gained from the public that care about their neighborhood has aided police in the results above.

We continue to value the importance of working in partnership and welcome any feedback you have please email information to Russell.Easterbrook3@met.police.uk