Update from Sergeant Jamie Maskellm16/7/20

Phone Number: 07341680553
Email Address: info@phra.org.uk

It has been a busy last few weeks on the Borough hence my lack of update. I will endeavour to share a snapshot of things we have been up to as a team. For me in particular I have found myself abstracted away from my normal duties. This to police demonstrations or more recently, the policing of sporadic ‘Unlicensed Music Events’- or ‘Raves’ in old money. Whilst I do have a degree of sympathy with young people wanting to enjoy their summer having lived through lockdown in the last few months; the irresponsible nature of gathering in large groups in the midst of global pandemic is nothing but idiocy. Thankfully it seems with pubs and restaurants opening there is a safer avenue for people to socialise.

On to ward business: I have had some recent personnel changes to my team. PC Rowlatt who was ward officer for Parkhill for 6 years has moved on to become Acting Sergeant on the Violence Suppression Unit. He has been replaced by new Constable Casero-Escudero who has hit the ground running. As well as this PC Harrod has joined us in Addiscombe East having spent five years on the Emergency Response Team. He is keen to get stuck in to any problems on the ward and shares my views on proactive policing. So watch this space!

On Shirley South last week I was out with my team patrolling the Shrublands estate. A young male saw our police vehicle and attempted to duck behind a bin shed. He caught my attention and we pulled over to speak with him. He immediately ran, sprinting through the estate, throwing his rucksack whilst doing so. He was caught following a foot chase and the bag recovered. On his person was a small quantity of cannabis. In the bag was a large combat style knife. (see attached photo) in my mind taking knives off the street is another murder prevented. This individual has been charged to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court.

On Tuesday my team, with the assistance of the Violence Suppression Unit, executed a Search Warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act in Selsdon. Not my usual patch you will notice but on occasion we flex our resources to meet demand in other areas. I dragged the team in very early in order to maintain an element of surprise. A significant quantity of Class B drugs was found as well as a small amount of Class A, namely cocaine. This investigation remains ongoing.

Today my team have; in conjunction with the local Authority, Trading Standards, and Environmental health and the Department of Work and Pensions attended a succession of car washes across the borough. This has been led by our local partners who have concerns about the standards of workers conditions at said venues. This is an example of the partnership work we often complete. As this is happening as I type I don’t have the result as yet! But if anyone is interested let me know and ill provide an update.

Finally, as always, if anyone has any concerns, questions or any areas you would like us to take a look at then don’t hesitate to let me know.

Stay safe, Jamie