Warning from police

Phone Number: 07341680553
Email Address: info@phra.org.uk

Our local PCSO, Oliver White, circulated this message on December 9:

I received information from a resident on Addiscombe Road regarding 2 males who knocked on their door, one claiming to be on parole and the other their parole officer. The parolee was asking for money to start his scaffolding business, and said he needed it to stay out of prison. He claimed to have served 4 years for Murder. The parolee was wearing ID on a lanyard.

If this happens to you, please call police, and if you have any CCTV, please send to us, or give us a copy on disc.

Most of all, please be aware, ask for identification, and if you are unsure, you are well within your right to make them wait, so you can check and ascertain yourself they are genuine. If they are genuine, then they will not mind waiting so you can make sure.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team for advice/reassurance.